Empress of the North
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Don't know if the news about the Empress of the North got out of the Pacific Northwest, but last month this gorgeous paddle wheeler had an oooops in Alasaka -


"Alaskan Boat Passengers Calm Amid Chaos | May 15, 2007
When the Empress of the North ran aground, the band played on - as everyone disembarked in an orderly fashion. Passengers jolted awake by the ***** hitting a reef in Alaska's Icy Strait were ordered to don lifejackets and gather in the ballroom."

Well, it caused quite a stir up here anyway! But, the reason I'm posting this is that she just came into our port about twenty minutes ago - don't know if the work will be done here, or if this is just a stopping off point for her. It was still pretty dark and she was all lit up and looked so festive - for the crew, that's all that's left on board!!

We'll drive down later and be looky-lous and maybe take some pictures. She's a beautiful *****.
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Yes, we heard about it down here. My goodness, I'm glad the Captain and Crew were professional on that boat and everyone got out safely.

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We heard about that on the news here, too. It really is a beautiful boat. Take some pics.


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