I had a little flutter...
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on Trade Me over the last couple of weeks, and purchased some rather fine books. The newest was published in 1951, so it isn't very old. The others are from between the wars. Written by old favourites, dead now alas.

What struck most about these delightful little tomes, was the freshness of them. Things I thought erupted in the later 50s were there. Quite a few of the so called 'modern veggies', and things I wouldn't have thought of in 100 thousand years. Like lemon and parsnip jam. Lamb shanks, so popular now, are under the 'cheap meats' section. They remained cheap for many years, and a favourite served many ways in our rest home. Now they are so expensive. Nothing new under the sun, eh.
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I love old cookbooks! A few years ago a Betty Crocker volume was reissued for their anniversary. My Mom bought me a copy since it was the same which she received for a wedding gift in 1955 which I first learned to cook from.

Have fun reading through these!

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