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I apologize - God, I miss my mind - it wasn't a salsa recipe I used to can, it was this Taco Sauce... I'll post it anyway, but I know you were looking for a salsa to can. But, as far as that goes, I can't see why you couldn't use your favorite slasa recipe and sub good canned tomatoes for fresh and can that. (that's what I would do)

I have not made this for years and you all know how tastes change, so I really should make this again before spouting off how good it is - I just remember really liking it!!

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6 lbs. tomatoes -- (approx. 10 cups)
2 large onions
6 Jalapeno or Serrano peppers (this amount anyone will handle - add more if wanted) -- (6 to 8)
12 oz. tomato paste
1 1/4 cup cider vinegar
1 1/2 T. salt
1 T. dry mustard
6 large cloves garlic (approx.) -- crushed
3/4 tsp. dry basil
1 T. black pepper
1/2 T. sugar
1/2 tsp. cayenne

Cornstarch - mix some with water and add to sauce towards end of cooking time if sauce is too thin for you-it will thicken a little after it has been canned and cooled. Each year you will have a different consistency because of the tomatoes.

Skin the tomatoes & put into a processor with onions, peppers (with seeds), garlic and mince finely or dice everything by hand. Combine all ingredients in a large soup pot, bring to a boil, turn heat down & simmer approx. 4 hours without a lid. Process your sauce at this point in a water bath for 20-25 min.

OPTION: after cooking time let sauce cool, put thru a sieve, reheat and then process.

This recipe is a combination of so many over the years - and I'm sure you will add or delete as your family likes. Have fun.


Well, going on my search for this recipe I ran across a few of our really, really old favorites that I think over the next few days I'll post here - even if it's only to get a good record of them for posterity....

Like -
Kahlua Hummer
Ramos Fizzes
Banchees (pay attention, Tracie!! )
Val's sauce
Apricot/Pineapple pie
White Clam pizza

Oh, and Maryann, I found the recipe for the Butterflied Leg of Lamb with the Pomegranate Marinade - will post it also!!

Speaking of Maryann, this thread is getting so rambling, I'll just continue...bear with me all, or not.

I'd never made my favorite pizza dough in my K.A. and Maryann mentioned she just dumped all ingred. in and mixed for 8 minutes. I did this method yesterday and it's much better than dragging out the bread machine or doing it by hand - Thanks for the idea! I also added 1 tsp. each of dried basil and oregano to the dough and made margarita pizza - oh my, was it good!

O.K, I'll shut up now...we're having BBTPBs again this a.m., but no champagne...maybe Bloody marys.
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Thanks Jean, I can't wait! We really enjoy leg of lamb!

And those other recipes sound delish as well! Looking forward to those as well.


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to the top for Linda!!
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Thanks, Jean! Will give this a try regardless. We've tried a number of other salsa recipes over the years and I've tried to do my own thing with some, etc., but just can never get it to anyone's liking. They like something from each of them, etc., etc., even tried to put all those requests together, and no real requests to make seconds. Will keep on with the search!!!

Ohhh, those your recipe the one with the vanilla ice cream, Kaluha, and... Ohh, haven't had one of those in a decade or two!!! It's almost lunchtime here and I think I'll have one of those for dessert! And if this is the recipe, Jean, you need to post this soon! It's far too good to wait for! And if it's not, I'll post the one I'm talking about! Far too good to not share! Yummmmm....
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You bet, that is the Hummer of which I speak...

Wish we were all closer so we could have one together!!
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