Update on Fredia II
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We finally settled on a hospice for Fredia today. The insurance is balking because it's not one of their "preferred providers", so we are getting Fredia on Medicare/Medicaide which will pay for the foster care home. The place is nice and clean, Fredia's room is a large one and there are three half beds in there in case some of the family wants to stay overnight. The lady that runs the place is simply a delightful person. I will take my camera out and take a few pictures for all of you. She should be situated there within an hour or so. Thank you all for your help keeping me grounded and keeping Fredia in your prayers. What special people you are!
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Oh Billy - please give her a hug from us. Is the home in Roseburg?

Oh Billy, repeat, repeat - I just don't know what to say....we all love you!
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The prayers are still coming your way. You're both in my thoughts. I'm glad you found a really nice facility for her with great people to take care of her when you're not there! You will have some peace of mind knowing that Fredia is in a safe place.

Please keep us posted when you can. Oh, and what Jean said - are you in Roseburg or Portland???
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Sorry this is so late, Billy - I've been crazed since Friday with 5 houseguests (who brought their dogs, can you believe it?) and I haven't checked the forum since then. Hospice and their personnel are a gift from heaven. Both my parents went through it and they are dedicated to their patients and their comfort. They even found a male care-giver who was willing to commute 45 minutes to bathe my father who was too modest to undress in front of a strange woman.
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"What special people you are!"

We think you are pretty special yourself, Billy. Your sisters are so lucky to have you for their brother, to be strong and take care of things for all of them. God bless you for all you do and for caring so much. Sending hugs for both of you.


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I'm so glad you found a good hospice for Fredia, you stuck to your guns and found a way to provide the best possible place for your sister.

This must be so difficult for you both right now. I'm thinking of you both all the time. Like everyone else here, I'm sending my prayers and hugs and love.

God Bless,

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Billy, ditto all of the above--what else to say except I'm happy that you have a ittle peace of mind and Fredia will be very comfortable with caring people. They will quickly become "family" and you will trust them.

Tons of hugs and thoughts,

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" I just don't know what to say "

Ditto for me, Billy. Take care of yourselves.
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Billy as I said in my email, I so wish I could be there to help you and take up some of the slack. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. If she wants something special to eat I can make anything and be at Fed-Ex so fast heads would spin

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