Fried Chicken - What went wrong?
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Ok I am determined to make good fried chicken. I have always found fried chicken to be a bit dry. So I got a hairbrained idea that was based on the coke brined chicken. However instead of coke I just used water with a bit of thyme, 1 bay leaf, 2 shakes of red pepper flakes, 1/2 cup salt and 2 quarts of water. I let it brine overnight. Took it out and rinsed the brine off.

Next, mixture of egg and bit of milk and in another bowl flour with some paprika and a bit of cracked black pepper.

Into the egg mixture, flour, shook off excess, back to egg and back to flour. I was told this was for extra crispy skin.

Problem - chicken was so salty we couldn't eat it. But why didn't the coke brined chicken that was grill taste salty? Skin was crispy but had a wierd flour texture. Not like really good fried chicken.

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I can't comment on the saltiness of the end product inasmuch as you rinsed after brining. That is the way I brine except I add a bit of sugar and no spices/herbs.

I never did the fried chicken thang until about a couple of years ago. Peter was craving the dish so I played around a bit with different recipes and came up with this one that is ALWAYS a winner:

Take the cut up chicken pieces (cut the breasts in half) and marinate in buttermilk/salt/pepper to cover in a zip lock bag for about 2 hours. In a paper bag place flour with your seasonings ( I change them every time I make them--a little garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, dried basil/oregano whatever my eye sees in that spice/herb drawer)---in other words, no specific recipe.

Shake the chicken pieces in the flour (shaking excess buttermilk off--of course) and place on a cooling rack until ready to cook. I often make this ahead and let sit to dry a bit but not a necessary step. Heat about 1/2 inch of cooking oil to 350 degrees and place the pieces in the oil skin side down. Cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes--check to see if the chicken is cooking evenly in the pan and move around accordingly. Cover again and cook for another 5 minutes. Remove lid/ turn pieces over and cook for another 10-12 minutes maintaining the little sizzling/bubbling of the oil. I use my electric fry pan and it works very well...keeps the temp correct. Remove from pan, return to cooling rack (no paper--just makes the skin soggy if sits in the oily paper---any excess oil will drain and leave a wonderful crisp textured skin and moist meat.

Haven't made this in a while seeing that the fried is off the menu (well--maybe occasionally-- ) but it sure is good!!

Am curious to see what others do for their perfect fried chicken---
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Not sure why it was salty either. I'm with Rox on marinating it in buttermilk. Flour it, then into hot oil (not too hot). Always turns out tender.
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well, I'll add my 2 cents... brining chicken pieces overnight, first of all, would be way too long, imo. I brine pieces for 3-5 (if I forget them) hours, tops.

You also might try dredging the (dried well) chix in the flour first, then egg wash, then flour.

And, Denise, the best fried chix I ever made was using clarified butter - it was absolutely wonderful.

and...since you are still experimenting, why not be a real adventurer and try my cold oil fried chicken????? (I dare you)
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The secret to pan fried chicken is shortening - Crisco in a can. We saved it from use to use in a jar in the frig, and reused shortening is always better.

Also, we only use salt and pepper in the flour mixture. Shake off the excess flour and fry in about 1/2" of shortening. I remember fondly my mom using the electric skillet for the fried chicken ... It seems like it was a weekly dinner with mashed potatoes, pan gravy, and green beans or corn from a can! Up until about 10 years ago I used to make that, too, but not weekly. Kids loved it!

The Bisquick oven fried chicken recipe on the box, using Lowery's seasoned pepper and lots of it, is pretty good and less mess.

Other thoughts - Try to get about a 3 lb bird for frying.
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I don't know if you're looking for recipes but this is my favorite fried chicken I've ever eaten. It's from The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook by Christopher Kimball.

Crispy, Crunchy Fried Chicken

½ cup coarse or kosher salt (or 6 tablespoons table salt)
3 quarts water
1 whole chicken cut into serving pieces
1½ cups all-purpose flour
¼ cup cornmeal
2 teaspoons dried thyme or oregano or pinch cayenne
1 teaspoon table salt
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
2 eggs
½ cup buttermilk
Peanut oil or solid vegetable shortening for deep frying

1. In a large bowl or pot, dissolve ½ cup kosher salt in 3 quarts water. Rinse the chicken pieces and add to bowl. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours. Remove chicken pieces and rinse under cool water. Clear space in the refrigerator to accommodate a wire cooling rack.

2. Mix together the next 5 ingredients (flour through pepper) and place in a large zipper-lock plastic storage bag. Shake. In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs and then whisk in buttermilk. Dip half the chicken pieces in the buttermilk, then place in the plastic bag. Shake, and place on a wire rack. Repeat for remaining pieces. Put the rack on a jelly roll pan in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour but preferably 2 hours.

3. Put peanut oil or Crisco in a large iron Dutch oven to a depth of ¾ inch. Place over medium-high heat.

4. When oil reaches 365 degrees (if you don’t have a thermometer, simply wait until the oil starts to smoke- I find that very hot oil is fine for this recipe), arrange chicken pieces in the pan, skin side down, and cover pan. After 5 minutes remove the cover. Adjust the heat level if necessary so that oil bubbles at a moderate pace; not too rapidly and not too slowly. (Medium to medium-high heat is best depending on the conductivity of your pan.) Rearrange pieces if some are browning more quickly than others. After 5 more minutes, turn the pieces over. Cook uncovered for 8 to 10 minutes or until done. Meanwhile thoroughly wash and dry the wire rack while chicken is cooking.

5. Remove fried chicken to the cleaned wire rack set over a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan. Let drain for 5 minutes and serve.
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Cold oil fried? Oh do elaborate

Crisco...well that sure sparked a memory of my grandmother getting that big can down. My other grandmother used Lard, but I was a bit leary of that.

I'm trying it again this weekend. I will master this dish! I will I tell you
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Of course, if you want an extra degree of crispiness, you could always try panko. Another option would be to put some rice flour into your breading mixture.
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Here you go, Denise, are you brave enuf to take the challenge????

2/3 cup flour
1 Tsp. garlic salt
1 tsp. seasoned salt
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp. rubbed sage
1/4 tsp. thyme leaves
1/4 dried basil
3 cups oil (approx.)
Assorted Chicken pieces

In a bag, combine all the seasonings.

In a deep electric frying pan, pour in 1/2" of oil. Shake each piece of Chicken in flour mixture & place skin side down in the cold oil.

Cover the pan and turn to 350°. When you hear the chicken frying and sizzling loudly, set a timer and cook for 15 min.

Remove cover and turn pieces over.
Cook, uncovered for 10 min. long or till meat next to bone is done.

My Mother and I had more fun with this recipe. Friends could not believe how good the chicken was and not a bit greasy! It's as good cold as hot. I usually have to dare people to try it. It is best to have access to an electric skillet, so you are able to control the heat settings.
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