Anyone make stock?
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I started my beef stock yesterday and dropped it today at 1 and by 3pm had my chicken stock on and that will get dropped tomorrow around noon.

I absolutely adore homemade stock. Yes it can be daunting. Well beef more so than chicken, but you just cannot beat the flavors.

The only stocks I have not attempted yet is fish stock and vegetable stock. Not sure how much of a use I would have for it.

Each batch I take and put into 1 cup containers and freeze them and then pop them out and put them into the food storage bags.

I can't wait till soup season
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I make stock all the time, Denise. I freeze it in flat ziplocks on a sheet pan, fits in the side by side better.

I make fish stock as needed, since it only takes a few min to cook. It is gratifying to open the freezer door and see stacks of stock waiting for me and soup season!

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Love it, especially since only a couple of import stores carry canned broth here, so most people just use bullion cubes.

Generally, I freeze it in one-ounce ice-cube trays so I wind up with a bunch of one-ounce cubes for easy measurement later. Once they are frozen, I transfer them from the trays to ziplock bags.
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I'm a me too, on this one! I do make veggie also and use it a lot for couscous, rice, quinoa and such. Can't beat the homemade, can we?

An old cook, Pop,I think it was, posted (on another site) his method of making stock in the oven overnite - I've done this a number of times and it is sure a nice way to do it also.

Shellfish stock, I do as someone mentioned above (PJ?) - as needed. Being down to one freezer, I now have to be selective.
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My other option (just did this last week) is to buy a whole, frozen chicken (very inexpensive), then boil it with about one and a half heads of garlic (peeled, of course, but the whole cloves of garlic) - no mirepoix, just the garlic - until the chicken is done. Then I remove the chicken for whatever use, and mash up the boiled garlic cloves into the remaining broth. Then I'll add a little dash of salt and pepper and, while that is all simmering, slowly (and without changing direction) stir in three or four lightly scrambled eggs. After letting that simmer for about a minute, I add a bit of sesame oil, and voilĂ ! egg-drop soup. YUM!
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I make all of my stocks---no canned/jarred stuff here. The only thing available is those cubes and/or the powdered stuff. I have found them VERY salty and it always makes dishes taste the same. The homemade versions are so much better and every batch is totally unique.....and tasty....the perfect ingredient base for any recipe!!!

I have made them all and keep a constant stock in the freezer---reminds I'm getting a little low on the beef---WHERE'S THE BEEF It is really an easy thing to do--maybe a bit time consuming--but it makes a bunch and ya can't beat it---JMHO!!!
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I make stock all the time too, but then it's unusual for me not to have a pot of soup going at least once a week, less often in the summer, but I still do make it even in warm weather because I like it so much. I usually save the heartier soups for winter, altho recently we had a taste for chili so I made it anyway. Love soup!


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How much stock do you all make in one batch?

I wish I had one of those huge stock pots, but I can make about 3-4 gallons in one batch and then freeze them in 8 oz containers and then put 4 of them in a bag. I keep a couple of solo ones for pan sauces.
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Hi I have not yet started making stocks -
Any recipes / directions would be nice
especially the beef one in the oven
Thanks marye
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I can't eat leftover fish. I can use stock made from shrimp shells or lobster shells boiled in water with onion and garlic. Thats about it. Most of the time I use chicken or brown beef stock made using roasted bones.
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