Getting Rid of Thngs II
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We are on a clean up and get rid of things jag this weekend. I'd heard about from a friend and tested it out. Since we got a new grill this summer, we posted the old one and it was gone in 24 hours to a new home and a family who is happy to have it. And, we thought we were going to have to pay someone to have it hauled away!

Now we're scouting around the house looking for other items that we don't need any more to post on freecycle. Check it out!
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Checked it out and there is a branch here---small world!! I have not heard of this organization before--thanks for the heads up!!!

I have tons of "stuff" that I'm sure someone would make use of---just never thought of something like this!!
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wish we'd known about this when we were down-sizing in California two years ago....two years already????
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