Cake Problem - Help!!!
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I made this cake on the weekend

White Chocolate Cloud Cake

If you notice in the picture, it looks to be about 2 inches high. When I saw it made on TV, it looked like it cut like a normal cake. Well, mine was anything but!!! It was about 3/4 inch high, and had the consistency of jelly almost. It was moist but not wet, and solid. Hard to describe. But, definitely NOT cakelike. The taste was wonderful, the lemon zest cut the sweetness of the chocolate. They ate the whole thing. Several of them mentioned that they had never eaten a cake with that consistency. NO kidding!!!!!! I have no idea what I did wrong. Any thoughts? I'll definitely make it again.
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two things come to mind since it is an egg white, air bubble raised cake.

First over working the folding, and/or allowing it to set to long prior to baking will cause the air to escape the egg white and the cake will fall.

If that is not possible, it appears to me that they do not have enough sugar in the egg white to hold the structure. I would keep the 1/4 cup of sugar going into the whole eggs and beat to ribbons stage as directed. But I would make the egg whites with 1/2 cup of sugar in the future to add more structure to the structure. When the sugar increases the surface tension of the egg white bubble it will be harder to pop. Still have to watch not to over work the folding, but will give less of a chance of the cake falling do to bubble deflation.
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Lorraine, I'm no baker, so my thoughts are probably worthless, but I couldn't help but notice that there is no flour in this recipe. Still sounds really good tho.

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Lorraine, my chocolate mousse cake recipe is sorta similar to yours. It always falls in the center (supposed to) and it has a firm texture, kind of jelly like, but a peice will stand up on a plate. Not as airy as a cheesecake, though.

If I ever get a day off from work, this would be a good one to play with

Thanks for posting the recipe.

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Maryann, even though I saw her make it, and it looked like a regular cake, I was thinking it would turn out like a flourless chocolate torte.

PJ, have you posted that mousse cake recipe?? I don't remember seeing it

Bob, you may be right about the deflating. She suggested whipping the 4 egg whites in a clean blowl first, transferring them to another, then carrying on with the recipe. They probably sat for a good 20 minutes. I'm usually very carefull about not overfolding, so I'm thinking it's whipping them first.

I also should have mentioned I did not add 2 tsp of lemon zest. I added a scant 1 tsp, and will probably add a bit less next time. I think 2 tsp would kill the white chocolate taste. But, that's just me.

One of the nice things about this cake (other than the unique texture ) is that it can be made the day ahead, and finished just before service.

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"finished just before service"....Lorraine, it sounds like it was finished way before service Hey, if it tasted good, so what?
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It was good , Billy, you should try it. Luckily none of these people cook, they just thought it was different.
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