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I hope Billy does not mind my doing this, but I rec'd an email from him this a.m. and his beloved sister died early this morning. Her suffering is over, but her family's continues. I hope they all will soon be able to get past their grieving and begin to just remember their wonderful memories of her.

Rest in peace, Fredia, I'm so glad I got to meet her - and God bless her family. We love you Billy.
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May she rest in peace.

Billy you did an amazing thing with all the support you gave, and then you gave some more!

I also appreciate your sharing the information you did with me when my MIL was diagnosed terminal. Your willingness to share your insight has helped us make decisions! I appreciate it greatly.

My you find solace in having handled it all correctly!
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May the blessings of Heaven rest upon her, and give YOU peace Billy. That's why we continue, thats why we can move on. It's wonderful to believe in a loving God.
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Thank you for posting Jean - I have been so worried - I know that she is now at peace and know that with Billy at the core of the family they will gather strength. My tears are for Billy and the family. The grieving will last a while - but the wonderful memories of Fredia will always be there to console them.

We love you Billy and send you and your family our deepest sympathy.

Always with love

Sharon & Bob

The email came since I last checked my email earlier today.
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I'm glad you posted it too, Jean, and I think Billy will appreciate it. We're all his friends and we all have been concerned and wondering.

Billy, I'm so sorry for your loss. It will probably be a while before you feel like posting anything on the forum, so I hope in the meantime, you will still login and "just be with us" for now, and feel the love and support around you as you grieve. God bless Fredia, and may she rest in peace now that her suffering is over.

Sending you big hugs,


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Jean, doubt Billy would mind...I think that he drew strength and comfort from all of us as he continued to post about her and now, in a different way, he still needs us to continue to provide him with that. Surely he knows we are all here for him and will remain as such for as long as he needs.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, Billy J, and to your family. Fredia’s love for all of you may be unseen but it is still felt and it will always overshadow you until you are reunited. May you find joy in knowing that the angles who guarded Fredia here in this life have now escorted her to her eternal reward in the next.

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My condolences are with you, Billy. May the Lord grant you comfort in this emotional time.
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Billy, take comfort that you were able to do everything possible for her and you can continue on with no regrets. How many people do you know who say "I wish I could have.....done this, or said this" or any number of things. You were able to do it all for her and soon you will be able to appreciate the joy her life rather than the grief of her death, secure in the knowledge that you did everything possible.

I say this because I was able to do this for my parents, each of which died from cancer at home, in their own beds, with the help of hospice. In my case, I wouldn't have wished either of them another moment.

Take care of yourself.

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Thanks for posting that, Jean. I was going to do that myself but I figured it would be more appropriate from one of his "close" friends.

Billy, she is "home" now and may she find peace eternal. How fortunate she is to have had a wonderful loving family and may you all find strength in the happy memories of years past!! Time will assist in the depth of the grieving although it may not seem that way now.

Your friends and family are here if you need anything---take care of you, Billy.

Tons of love and hugs from me to you and yours,

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Billy - may fond memories of your sister soon replace the grief you feel at her passing. Trust that she has gone home to the Father and found everlasting peace without pain.

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