Help with left-over herbs and spices.....
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For those of you who live in year-round sun shiny places, you may not run into this situation, but if you do, would appreciate your input.

Have any of you purchased fresh herbs and/or spices and have a fair amount of left-overs which you hate to toss out or they do not freeze well, drying them, or they are too far “gone” so you can do nothing with them… What do you do with your “extras”??? Sometimes I will purchase a herb which at the moment thereof, only need for one recipe, but say to myself, “Oh, you can make___________ and use them in that dish, and this one…but sometimes just do not get to that point….

Any suggestions on what to do with them. Several times I’ve had to toss some out and it sickens me with the waste – of food and money.

Thanks for your suggestions!!!
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The easiest way to kick start your memory for dishes using an herb, is to do a search on MasterCook - you do have M.C., don't you? or some variation of a cooking program. Searching will list every recipe calling for that ingredient.

Then the problem becomes, WHICH TO MAKE!
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