Umpqua Valley Vineyards
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Since Jean is coming down to visit the Abacela Vineyard here I thought I would list some of the others located in the area:

Umpqua Valley Wineries
• Brandborg Vineyard & Winery
• Giradet Wine Cellar & Vineyard
• Henry Estate Winery
• Melrose Vineyards
• Palotai Vineyard & Winery
• Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyard
• Spangler Vineyards

As luck would have it, I got a ride with one of the areas writers today, who is also an aficionado of the local vineyards and their wines. He especially waxed poetic about the Palotai Vineyard and some of their wines...the most noted (in his opinion) was the Bull's Blood. He also noted that one of the local vineyards is producing a fine White Port. Tomorrow I will visit the Chamber of Commerce and get their brochure referencing the local wine tours. Don Crocker, the writer, also mentioned that twice a year they open the downtown area where the vineyards display their wares and offer samples while the restaurants offer free food samples. According to him, Dee's Magnolia, is the most notable restaurant in Roseburg and serves a fine, changing cuisine. Their menu changes several times during the year offering different cuisines of the world including Hungarian, and Middle Eastern (if my memory serves me right). Apparently another restaurant (don't remember the name) about 20 miles outside Roseburg in the hamlet of Glide, is an unexpected jewel. From the outside you wouldn't expect it to have much of a menu, but you'd better make reservations about 3 weeks in advance.

That's all for now folks!

Palotai Vineyard & Winery
This family-owned and operated winery invites you to enjoy its Old World hospitality. The winemaker, Gabor Palotai, was born and raised in Hungary, where wine making dates back many centuries. While growing up in an old wine making region, he learned the wine craft from his family. Relying on his heritage and new world techniques allows him to create hand crafted, award winning wines. Limited quantities are available for your pleasure as general production is normally 1000 cases a year. Please come by and visit us.
Wines Produced
Chardonnay Bella Bianca Riesling
Bull's Blood Pinot Noir Dolcetto Merlot Meritage
Zinfandel Syrah Indigo Baco Noir
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Hey there, good info Billy - thanks. copied. I wish this next trip was to be a leisure one so we could check out all of the wineries you mentioned. We'll talk.
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I'm going to get the Wine Tour brochure today, I'll mail you one.
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