Lactose Intolerance..?
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Is it possible to develope this later in life? Or are you born with it only?

Anyone here with this condtion? I have some questions about and I know I can research on the web and get the technical answers but would like first hand knowledge
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I had problems with this in my 20's, but it tapered off in my 30's. Still can't drink a glass of milk or eat ice cream, but cheeses and sauces, in moderation, don't bother me too much, or cream in my coffee. After having my kids, things seemed to improve.

I breast fed my first two for a while, when they went on formula, we discovered they both were lact intolerant. So when #3 came along almost immed after #2, the doc suggested putting him on soy formula right away. (I knew breast feeding wasn't happening w/3 little ones close in age) It was a pain those days to read all the fine print on labels, to make sure there was no whey or whey proteins in anything. Things sure are different now. What little milk they drink is skim. The first one still has a lot of problems with milk. (he's almost 26).

Luckily, yogurt has never bothered me. Or any of my kids.

Not a lot of help, I know, sorry about that.

Is it you? What about the ulcer adventure, is this connected? Not being nosy, just wondering if you're cursed with both these problems while starting up a new business. Not a lot of fun!

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Was diagnosed with this condition almost five years ago at age 40.

Can do cheese and some stuff, no Ice cream, no cream, etc etc.

I will answer anything I can, I have learned to get along with it pretty well.
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There's just so much intolerance in the world. Can't we all just get along?

Before my ulcers were discovered (and subsequently cured with Nexium), my doctor checked me out for IBS, gall-bladder function, AND lactose intolerance. Fortunately, it was none of those, but I did learn a few things in the process.

First, since I had to stop the dairy products for a while (in order to test that theory), I tried "Smart Balance Light." I don't like most such spreads, but the Smart Balance Light impressed me quite a bit, and I started using it all the time (except for now, since it is not available here). Aside from all the usual positive factors of such spreads, the "Light" (as opposed to the regular) is lactose free (many other such spreads still contain SOME kinds of milk solids or other lactose-bearing ingredients). Anyway, it tasted so good that I kept on using it, and my parents now love it, too, even though they don't have any lactose problems, either.

Also, I discovered that I DO like soy milk. When I had first tried the stuff, I had been really put off by it since, because of its name, I had expected it to taste like milk. In addition to my temporary reason for trying to stay dairy free, I also encountered one of those little coupon machines at the display for Sun Soy's products, including the then-new "Coffee Latte" flavour, so that's what I decided to try, and it was delicious! Eventually, I also tried the plain soy milk, this time NOT expecting it to be the same as milk, and I loved it. Now, I even make my own soy milk.

Thus, even though I know people have different tastes, I can give my personal "thumbs up" to Smart Balance Light and to soy milk (especially Sun Soy versus Silk). Just remember, if you decide to try soy milk, taste it for itself, and don't expect it to taste exactly like milk.
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"Just remember, if you decide to try soy milk, taste it for itself, and don't expect it to taste exactly like milk."

That's a very good point to remember. I've often said the same thing about veggie burgers. If you don't expect them to taste like a hamburger, they can be quite tasty.

Denise, I don't know much about lactose problems, but if you do find out that this is a problem for you, there are some OTC products you can try. I'm sure the health food stores carry some as well.


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Maryanne's right, I forgot about those! Used to be tablets or drops, now they sell LactAid milk, and a few other products, too.

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My hubby is lactose intolerant and uses soy milk for his cereal. He can tolerate small amounts of cream sauces, and cheese isn't a problem. He blames it on his Italian heritage.

My oldest daughter was intolerant of milk as a baby and we switched her to soy milk. After breast feeding her for 6 months, we started her on sweetened milk. She had the nastiest diaper rash and once the projectile vomiting started we knew something was wrong! The pediatrician said that whenever she had a cold or any other illness, she should go off dairy products because it would aggravate her system. As a girl she was able to drink milk and eat any dairy. Now as an adult, she's intolerant again, and she describes it as rather extreme. She was having a lot of digestive problems and went off the milk again. She says she feels much better now, but she really has to avoid dairy of almost any type.

The rest of us don't have any problems with dairy.
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Wow, that condition seems to be all over the board. Denise, are you still working full time while getting your business going? Your little body can only handle so much, you know...
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