Cover for new issue
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Doesn't that filet look to die for??? YUMMMM!!!!!

Wonder how long I will have to wait for that issue to arrive----WHHHAAAAAA!!!!

OKAY----now y'all can tell me that you have received that already---go ahead----my shoulders are getting bigger and bigger and bigger and.........
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I was so jealous... I thought you got a new issue already! But I looked at the website. That is a magnificent picture of a filet. Perhaps a beautiful holiday meal??? Total yumness!!
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Don't have it yet! I am usually one of the last - but not quite...

Did you see they have a new special publication book? Holiday Menus.
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I purchased the holiday Menus - has some really nice dishes -

thought I would try the Pork Wellingtons - soon.

But haven't received the magazine with the filet on front - am going to

Iowa soon and my Brother's restaurant has that as there speciality - so

will be enjoying that soon. -

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" a new special publication book? Holiday Menus. " - guess I'd better go check out the 'front' page of this site.

I've been thinking it's about time for another issue...

Marye, what kind of restaurant does your brother have?
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"Holiday Menus."

I looked at the recipe index. Is it my imagine, or are some of the dishes repeats?
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