Master Index of past issues?
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Is there a master index of ALL the recipes from all the issues? It would be very benificial to be able to search an idex to locate which issue has the desired recipe.
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Hi, Hugh.

Not that I've found... my solution is to use google's "search this site" for that. The main recipes will show up because they are listed on the pages for back issues.

That search will also return forum posts.
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In one of our recent issues, didn't they send us a recipe index?
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Did you get this information in an email because I received a email about renewing with this same information?

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WELCOME HUGH!!!!! Now that is a great question!!!! I have been a member here forever and have no clue as to how to access the index!!! I do have all of the Issues but find it a bit daunting to find the recipe I would like to retrieve---please let us know if you can figure this out!!!

Hope to see you again!!! Roxanne
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