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Okay---you guys. Most of you are aware the trials we (DH and I) have been through with those damned kidney stones!!! GOOD NEWS---we went for the follow up visit yesterday with the urologist re: post surgery and tests!!

The SIX stones remain there and we will sit on them but at least no further treatment (at this time!!!) is necessary--- May be lazer in the future but we will try conservative management which includes.......

Changing diet from what his cardiologist suggested TWO years ago and he has done incredibly well with---soooo no change there!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?????

Reading through tons of info, the only change that we could possibly make is to delete TEA from his intake---HE LOVES ICED TEA!!!! Now I need an alternative for him---something high is citrates. I know about lemonade etc. ---any other suggestions?? This is getting to be a little confusing with all of the different medical conditions---crazy, in other words!!! I kinda think his heart thingy is more important......NO????

What a nightmare but the BEST NEWS!!! He is almost my man again---he has gained about 7 pounds, needs another 4 and we are back to where he should be----YIPPEE!!! His energy has returned and he has returned to his almost "normal" routine!!!! The position required for the surgical procedure exacerbated his low back condition BUT that is a "piece of cake" considereing what else he has been through!

Thanks again for your support!!!! Could not have done this without you!!! Hugs from me!!!
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YIPEEE YIPEEEE! That's good news indeed! I had a kidney stone once, but it was only the size of a grain of rice, sure hurt though. I found out what taking morphine was like big time [I'm allergic to it, but also ALL other painkillers like it].
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Fantastic news, Roxanne and congratulations Peter!!

We'll all put on our thinking caps and find some interesting beverages for you to offer.
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  Re: TEA by Roxanne 21 (Okay---you guys. M...)
I'm drawing a blank at the moment but wanted to say that's good news indeed!
Hope it continues to go well!!

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That's great news, Roxanne. Your hubbie is a lucky man to have you taking such good care of him. You mentioned that he likes tea and I'm a little surprised that he would have to eliminate that from his diet. I drink jasmine tea all the time (green tea with jasmine flowers) and swear by it for good health. It has very little caffeine which is good.

But, if green tea, is still not an option, what about the vast variety of herbal teas out there? Is that a possibility? Also, do you have access to any of the flavored waters that are so wildly popular now? I like grape Propel.


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Good news about the kidney stones!

I learned about Yerba Mate from my daughter and have been buying it for our son in college because he doesn't tolerate caffine well. I just went to our local international foods store and there was a variety available. And, there are so many herbal teas available now, you might find one that suits his tastes.

Good luck!
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Teas---ANY kind of tea---except rooibos (a South African product that has become quite the thing in the US---HUGE export market!!!!). It is the worst tasting nastiness ever---sorry to those of you that might like it

There is some part of the chemical make-up that says tea is a no no for anyone prone to developing kidney stones. Caffeine is not the problem---he has been encouraged to drink coffee. I was more on the cold drink kick. I also drink TONS of flavored water but he says "not my thing" soo therefore the quest---I'll find something---no problem. He has been drinking cranberry juice for quite a while now but just enough for a breakfast med taker. This is not really something one can drink all day long---he is supposed to drink 8 oz of water per hour---"I'm floating away".......sure beats those dang stones though (as I keep reminding him... )

Thanks to y'all for your kinds words---
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