Warm sugar for cjs
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Jean I can't recall if you posted the question here or not - but I think I found the answer to the warm sugar question.

Today I was browsing the bread books looking for a new loaf for Bob's lunches. HomeBaking by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid was calling to me and low and behold on pages 174 & 175 they are talking about making jam. Each recipe called for warm sugar (sugar heated in a 150 degree (f) oven until warm).
The reason - so that the sugar, when added to the simmering fruit, doesn't cool it.

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Well, Sharon, I don't know the question, but the answer is an interesting bit to tuck away for future use!

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Thanks Sharon - that was one of the responses I got re warm sugar. It was/is for a bean dish that I got from my sister via my niece's boyfriend's Southern family...is that convoluted?? Using that method for 'warm sugar' I still can't imagine why, but who knows it could very well be just a tradition rather that a reasonable method.

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