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The jam marathon has begun! In the first two hours this morning we made 3 batches of raspberry and 3 batches of blackberry raspberry. Lunch is over and we are going back at it. Just how many batches can we make?

Total we will make these varieties:
Raspberry Huckelberry
Blackberry Raspberry
And with leftovers a Razzelberry - mixed berry that usually also has some blueberry in it, as well as the above. Just depends.

Past years we have made 400+ jars - last year probably only 200, not as many berries this year, so we will see how many we end up with.

And no, we don't eat all that jam - we give it away as christmas gifts for friends and family.
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I have to hand it to you, Erin, you're one ambitious lady! Nice days work, it's so gratifying to see all your efforts lined up in neat little jars!

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Erin, I don't know where you find all your energy, but that's just fantastic! All of those jams sound wonderful and there is nothing better than a jar of homemade jam as a gift. It's always better than anything store bought.

Great job. I'll bet your boys just love that jam on toast and waffles. Yum!


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Nothing like seeing those little jars of goodies lined up!!

Oh, I remember those days of jam/jelly making....
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OKAY---and here is my address!!!! That little FEDEX man is on his way!!!

FRESH BERRIES (enough, that is) To make jams/jellies----how lucky are you!!!

You are incredible, Erin----must be nice to be that young and energetic!!!! GEESH----those days are WAYYYYYY in the past but remembered!!

Good on ya, girl----how 'bout a rest???
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