Is there a butcher in the house??
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This is a question about a particular cut of meat that seems to be very obsure. It's called the Chuck Eye Steak. I was told that this steak runs a close second to the Rib Eye as they are actually cut right next to each other. While the Chuck section is next to the Rib section, I am searching for the truth in this statement.

I may be wrong, but just because they both have the word 'eye' in them, does not make them cousins. Ya know?

This is what I found online.

[Image: mocktender.jpg]
[Image: BeefChuck.gif]
chuck eye steak = chuck fillet steak = chuck filet steak = beauty steak = chuck tender steak = fish steak Notes: This steak isn't bad, considering it's a chuck steak. In fact, it's tender enough to grill or broil, provided that you marinate it overnight first. Substitutes: top blade steak OR eye of round steak OR top sirloin OR round tip steak

ALSO this:
chuck steak Notes: Chuck steaks comes from the neck and shoulder of the beef, and they tend to be chewy but flavorful and inexpensive. Most of them are too tough to grill, broil, or pan-fry--it's better to braise them or cut them up as stew meat. If you must grill one, make sure you marinate it overnight first. Substitutes: round steak (leaner) OR T-bone steak (more tender)

Okay now the comparison

[Image: ribeyesteak.jpg]

[Image: BeefRibs.gif]

rib-eye steak = Delmonico steak = Spencer steak = market steak = fillet steak = beauty steak Notes: Rib-eye steaks are very tender, well marbled with fat, and fairly expensive. They're usually boneless, but you can sometimes find bone-in rib-eye steaks. Note that club steaks are also sometimes called Delmonico steaks. Substitutes: club steak OR Porterhouse steak OR T-bone steak OR strip steak

So are these cuts of meat related at all?? Or is this just a made up relationship because of the common word 'eye'?
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I don't know if they are related or not. We had a conversation on this forum about these steaks six months back or so. Maybe not quite that long.

We like them and get them when we can - but it is difficult to get them at the commissary. They go first thing and there ususally isn't too many of them. They sell for about 2.89 a pound at the commissary. But they are getting quite popular.

They have very good meaty flavor, but they are tough. They work best marinated and that is what we do with them, and you need to cook them no more than medium rare. Cooked too much and they get very tough. We eat them ourselves as a cheeper option to ribeye - our favorite. But it has just gotten so darned expensive. I would not serve them to my mom - very picky and she does not like to "chew" her meat so much.

It is worth trying!
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Go to this page Bovine fabrication videos and the one you want is chuck tender removal. Followed by the Ribeye fabrication.

They are in no way related. But Eye generally refers to the center muscle that is usually a tender cut.

I use chuck tenders by the 40 pound case for fajitas. However like most things, others caught on too, so what used to cost me $2.35 per pound is now around $4.89 per pound.

You might check out the rest of the site above. It is a very interesting dissection of the bovine paid for with Beef Check Off dollars. Led to the Flat iron and a bunch of other steak cuts that no one realized lived inside the shoulder and flanks of the bovine.
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Really great video! Very informative. I can see that they are two entirely different cuts and not very close to the rib section for the most part. Thanks.

When people present these things to me as 'fact' I have to check them out. I know the chuck eyes used to be quite inexpensive. Now they have doubled in price.

Anyway. Great site and great videos.
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