Parmesan leek bread pudding!!!!
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Last night I made a roasted chicken dinner (so's I could have leftover bits for the dinner review TOMORROW!!!)

I wanted to serve something other than the usual potato side and decided to make this recipe that Jean posted a little while ago----

OHHH MYYY---this was wonderful.....easy, tasty and the perfect side as a carb/starch substitute. DH was even impressed--very similar to the parmesan/goat cheese croissant souffle I posted a while back.......will definitely make again. One of those dishes that you keep going back for just one more bite!!! YUMMM

I think I gained about 2 pounds with those extra bites----

Try it y'all---you will like it!!!
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I just had to search for this. Recipe sounds right up my alley. Thank you to Jean for the recipe and to Roxanne for mentioning it today.
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yeah, I know how the nibbling is - I used a square cutter for the dinner and naturally there were strips and such left.....try 5 lbs.!!!! I'm glad you liked it - and I hope you do, T.
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