October 22 online dinner party review
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Okay, it doesn't appear that anyone has posted anything on this yet, so I'll start the review for Chicken Mulligatawny Pot Pie.

This is an interesting dish, lots of flavor, lots of heat. A little too much for my taste, but I have to say that Ron surprised me on this one. He liked it well enough the first time, but he LOVED the leftovers.

First of all, I didn't use puff pastry as I had a ready- made pie crust in the frig so I put that on top of a 9" pie plate instead of individual pies. (Yes, it was thick enough and worked fine) Other than that, I followed the recipe as written.

This was easy enough to put together, but I couldn't decide between 1/2" or 1" cubes of sweet potato, so tried for 3/4" and it seemed to be okay. That probably seems fussy on my part, but I didn't want them to be mushy. The baking time was about right, but I wanted my crust a little browner, so I went with 30 minutes, then let it cool for a few minutes to thicken up so it wouldn't run all over the place when I cut into it. That helped, but I really have to buy some individual pot pie dishes since we seem to be liking this type of recipe.

Changes I would make next time....and yes, he wants me to make it again...will be less pepper. I will either use the red pepper flakes or the jalapeno, but not both. It was too hot for me and would definately be too hot for most children, at least in this part of the world. Also, IMHO, a little too much curry powder. Now, since I'm rather new to using this, maybe it's an acquired taste and the amount is just fine. I give this dish a 5-6, hubbie gave it a 7-8.

I hope a few others have tried this, as I would be very interested in hearing your opinions on this and if you would also adjust the seasonings a little bit.


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Thanks Maryann, now that you've been the guinea (sp?) pig - I'll have some thots when I make mine tonite. Getting anxious now.
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Maryann----I have had a bit of experience with these spices and have learned to alter the recipes accordingly!!!

Here goes---------

This was a very good recipe---but the changes in amounts are a must---IMHO

We are NOT huge curry/heavy spice fans soooo---

I cut the curry to 1/4 the amount stated in the recipe.....just a hint of flavor is enough and the aroma is awesome as it is cooking away!!! Also---I ALWAYS cut the red pepper flake amount---just a couple of shakes is enough for us. Love garlic and ginger---got a bit heavy on those (but not too much!!!). With respect to the sweet potato---the recipe calls for diced---to me that meant really diced---small bits that would become tender within the 6-7 minute time period----worked beautifully!!!

I do not have fresh jalapenos available but do have the ones that are pickled---I mince enough to reach the amount called for in the recipe and this works well for us too.

Puff pastry is a MUST on this because it needs the flakiness unless you have a really flaky pie pastry---but I have a sneaky suspicion that the result would be totally different.

All in all----this was a really good yummmm meal!!! Peter loved it and asked if I would make it again day after tomorrow Now what to make tomorrow!!! ???

This was a very tasty, easy to put together meal....I will definitely make again!!! I will give it an 8-8+!!!

The carrot raisin salad was a great accompaniment---don't think I have ever made this before but AGAIN---a major hit here soooo have to keep that in mind!!

Strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert---strawberry season here---can't pass those babies up!!!

This was a very nice meal---and great when I was distracted with the Formula I season finale----WHAT A FANTASTIC END that was------GOOOOOOOOOO KIMI!!!!

Curious to know other thoughts on this meal???

Can't wait to receive my Volume II issue!!!
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I really enjoyed this! I did cut back on the jalapenos, crushed pepper and the curry a bit, there was still enough heat to satisfy me. The jury is still out, since I made this for the boys and dropped it off. I did tell them to keep an open mind, not all curry is bad!

Seems like everyone I know is afraid of curry, what’s with that?

If it meets with a thumbs up, I’ll put it in the rotation, otherwise, I’ll wait for the right audience.

But, I liked it


Trying to concentrate on this review, but the Sox are winning 3-2 , top of the 5th.

Wrote that last night, I haven’t heard if the boys liked it. But I did, and it was more mellow this AM, according to the spoonful I had heading out the door. I’ll make it again. Yay!!, we're going to the series!!!

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Sorry to be late, I made it last week and forgot today was the review.

I cut the recipe in half as there was only me. I did't have a jalapeno,only habaneros, and I was not using THEM. So, used just the red pepper flakes. I love curry, and it added just enough heat. I also diced the potatoes small.

I really enjoyed this dish, and will make it again. As mentioned, it was very easy to put together, and quick. If anything, I think I would tone down the ginger, as it also adds heat. I'm giving it at least an 8.

I also need individual gratin dishes. I had to use onion soup bowls.
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...and I'm proscrastinating....I'll be another day late. The weather is so wonderful, I just have to get out in the sun and grill instead. Will do tomorrow.

great pix, P.J.!
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I made this one! Whoo Hoo! Of course I made it two weeks ago - I think the day you all picked it. I had been wanting to make it and I had some leftover chicken I needed to use - and no plans for that nights dinner - so I made it.

We really enjoyed it. Very good. I am trying right now to remember what I made with it??? It might have just been a tomato salad. We love fresh tomato with curry. We love curry, so this was right up our alley.

I used two types of curry powder - Both of them Trikona brand that we really like. A mild curry powder and a Hot Madras curry powder. Slightly different spice combinations not just more heat. I used half and half. Since I was using the hot madras, I did not add pepper flakes, but I did use the jalapeno. We are not sweet potato fans, so I used regular russet potatoes. I think that was my only change. I had puff pastery and used that - wow that was good.

A definite keeper for us. A solid 8+.

Oh, I might have served it with wilted baby spinach and sauted cherry tomatoes....wish I could remember. And no, I did not serve this to the kids. No way they would have been able to handle it!
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HI made this last week - we liked it but made some initial changes
as I am not a sweet potatoe fan I put in Red Potatoes diced and also
left out the hot peppers as we are not a fan

We liked the dish and liked it even better the next day -
Did I miss the salt amounts - didn't seem to see any amounts given so
add when I thought I should - was a good recipe - husband like it
and shared with a friend and they liked it.
would give it a 8 also . and would make a agin. - loved the puff pastry

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What a wonderful turnout for trying this dish!!! Good choice Lorraine! Tonight's my night - sunshine or no!
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Every once in awhile, I come up with a good idea!
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