Weeknight Menus #2
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Received this today----what a great treasure trove of recipes there!!!!

Well worth the wait and now I have to decide what's on the menu!!!! GEESH---and I have to look at the previous issues I haven't really paid attention to!!! This is gonna be fun!!!!

YUP!!!! Peter is back to Peter sooooo----I can do some new recipes and have an honest commentary!!! WHOOPIE!!!!

Have been missing my kitchen time with new experiments--- Kitchen---I'M BACK!!!!
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I see happy kitchen time ahead for you , Roxanne!!!!
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Yeah for you Roxanne, and I am glad Peter is feeling much more like himself. That's great. Now you can take a breath, life is back on track...
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  Re: Re: Weeknight Menus #2 by luvnit (Yeah for you Roxanne...)
Here's a few that I marked - but haven't made.

Meg/mlucas1 - loved the Brazilian Chicken & Sausage, pg. 11
Lorraine & someone - made the prosciutto-frizzled fish, pg. 33
Erin - liked the Cajun Chicken Stroganoff, pg. 35
meg/mlucas1 - also made and liked the Falafel Meatball Wrap with Tzatziki (esp. liked the Tzatziki), pg. 49
we all - made the Mulligatawny chix pot pie, pg. 65
Lorraine - screwed up the stovetop apple crisp - so no one knows if she likes it or not....

I probably missed some, but there you go for starters!
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