Prosciutto-frizzled fish
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Weeknight Menus #2

This is a really tasty easy recipe and is certainly a keeper.

I felt it was missing something though---can't quite get my finger on it though. Might be the finishing the fish in the oven---it was almost poached. I might try this with just a complete stove top pan fry for c bit more substantial texture to the fish.

The bread crumbs were incredible and the seasionings were spot on!!!

The garlicky spinach side was soooo easy and perfect for this dish.

the melon crostini was my 'starch/carb' sub----YUMMMM!!!!

I gave this an 8 but I know it will better with that small change----

What a great ISSUE!!!
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Glad you liked it. I didn't get the "poached" impression, but then again, my oven tends to be very hot. ( yeah, I know, buy a thermometer! ) And, my halibut was really thick. As to what it's missing, I found salt, even though the proscuitto is salty. Could be just me.
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gotta do this one.
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You haven't done it yet?????? Sheesh!! ;grin:
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