Book Club Dinner Tonight
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I'm the hostess for my book club this month... meeting involves dinner and lively discussion, sometimes about the book! We are 10 women and have been together for nearly 3 years. It's a lot of fun and we've become close friends. The book for this month was “Daughter of Time” ... I don’t recommend it!

The menu for tonight:

Marinated feta with slices of baguette (The Best Make Ahead Recipes)
Italian cheese wheel and crackers (got the cheese at Sam’s)
Skewers of cherry tomatoes and marinated fresh mozzarella balls (Simply Appetizers)
Cashews (from a bag!)

Red Pepper Soup (Italian-American Cookbook)
Molto Manicotti with fresh cherry tomato salad (Cuisine at Home)
Assorted baby lettuce tossed with “a nice vinaigrette” (Cuisine at Home WNM)
Italian almond cake with fresh berries and sweetened whipped cream (The Best Make Ahead Recipes)

I made the soup on Sunday and just need to heat it up. The cake was made on Monday night. Last night I made the vinaigrette, feta marinade and the filling for the manicotti and set the table. White wines are chilling. I’ll leave work early today, make the béchamel, assemble & bake the manicotti, make the tomato salad, whip the cream and set everything out.

Should be fun! My husband will have the assignment of answering the doorbell for trick-or-treaters.
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OHHHH!!! A BOOKCLUB!!!! Now that is something I would really love to be part of----that is a very nice menu there, HC AND YOU ARE SO ORGANIZED!!!!!!!

We don't have the trick or treaters here----THANK GOODNESS!!! May have the odd ball playing games but----

I sort of miss the little kids coming to the door with their cute costumes----very different days now!!!
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Your menu sounds scrumptious! I love Molto Manicotti. It's my new favorite dish of all time!

Sounds like you are very organized and have everything under control. I would be a nervous wreck

Good luck! Your menu sounds like it will be a hit.
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Ir all sounds like so much fun, the book club, getting together with friends, a dinner party...

When can I join????


Have fun
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PJ....what a great idea! Why couldn't we get something going like that with the ones on this forum who would be interested??????? Maybe give a two-month reading allotment - not for me being retired, but for you all who still are in the rat race.....Let's think about it.

HC - menu sounds fun and great do ahead. Have a great evening.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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Jean, I think a book club sounds like fun too.

HC, very nice menu! It all sounds perfect. Wish I could be there.


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Let's do one--if everyone can't participate every time it's ok--this forum is big and talented enough to cover.
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What a fantastic idea!!! I'm in---always reading something, I am!!! FUN!!!!
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HC, great looking menu!
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