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I've not done a whole lot of baking involving chocolate (actually, I'm really not much of a baker yet at all) but I would like to try to make these "Brownie Thins" that are in the December Bon Apetit issue. All wrapped up they look like they'd be a cute gift for some of the people my husband works with (without breaking the Christmas bank).

Anyway, it calls for unsweetened chocolate, chopped. I've often seen recipes that say to use a "good quality" chocolate. Does that go for unsweetened or are they referring to another type of chocolate? What would be a good brand that I can pick up today somewhere - either at the grocery store (not sure if there are any good brands there??), maybe Trader Joe's brand, maybe at Cost Plus?

Any suggestions would be great! I don't have a lot to do today so I thought I'd experiment. Thanks!
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Wow, I haven't even gotten this issue out of the plastic wrap yet!!

Personally, I prefer to use any chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa content - which eliminates a lot of grocery store chocolate. don't know if you can get this Seattle based factory chocolate - Theo, it's a great chocolate. Also Green & Black's is a good one. I have a pkg. of of Venezuelan 91% cacao/cocoa content in the pantry that I'm anxious to play with - have never had it before.

In a pinch I'll use Ghiradelli's (rather than not make whatever), but it's only 60%...

I'm sure there will be others on soon with some good ideas for you brand wise also. (now I have to go look at those 'Brownie Thins'....
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Hi, Trix, CI likes Scharffen Berger unsweetened chocolate. It's a little pricey, though, $11 for 9.7 oz. I found some Callebaut at my Shop and Save for $6.99 a pound, which I like as well as the SB.

Hope this helps!!

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Thanks guys. I've written down your suggestions, and actually picked up the Ghiradelli 60% this morning. Made the recipe and it was a major flop - and I've never followed direction so closely before. I think the batter needed more flour or because the thins just spread out completely flat. No way to even get them off the sheet without destroying them. The batter tasted good though. Something just must be off.

I'll be curious to see others' reviews when the recipe hits epicurious.com.

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