Your Last Meal?
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You entered your name in a random drawing to be the first citizen to blast off in the “Ruby Rocket.” Destination: Mars! Lucky you, YOU WON!!! You will be eating freeze-dried space food for years. Before you fly off, however, you will be able to have your last meal on earth of absolutely anything you want, compliments of NASSA. Your meal can be gourmet, one food item or a meal that is a mish-mash of your favorite foods.

What would you choose as your last “earthling” meal?!

My last meal would be a mish-mash. In no particular order it would consist of New York cheesecake, Good-N-Plenty, chicken picatta, pistachio biscotti with a vintage Vin Santo for dipping, and decaf tea with a splash of lemon. (And if this actually was consumed, a case of Alk-a-Seltzer for the indigestion!!!)
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Boy that's tough, but I think my meal would go something like this:

Oysters on the Half Shell
[Image: oysters.jpg]

Scallop Pasta
[Image: MN5151.JPG]

Roasted Asparagus
[Image: 566919564_c0e1227b6d.jpg]

Fried Chicken
[Image: fried_chicken.jpg]

Flourless Choclate Cake
[Image: Flourless_chocolate_cake_sm.jpg]

I guess you caught me at a hungry moment

Of course, I would not eat it all, but a few bites of each would satisfy me.
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Laura, way to go!

My choices:

A hot dog on a toasted roll w/relish and mustard and maybe celery salt

Fried onion rings, no batter, just flour

A piece of rare/med rare prime rib and REAL au jus

A baked potato with real full fat sour cream

Haricot vert w/butter and fresh thyme

Fried clams

and maybe a piece of my chocolate flourless mousse cake, (I've made dozens of these and have never eatten any more than a taste)


Question: Laura, where do you get all your images? And, hell, I'd eat the whole thing!!!
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If I cook something myself I take my own photos and put them into I didn't actually cook these. I just Googled them and used the Instant UBB Code to put the image in my message.

You just:
1) Google an image
2) Right click on the image
3) Go to Properties
4) copy the http:// code
5) open the C@H Image tool and paste

You can see the Image tool to the right of the Instant Graemlins.
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Mashed potatoes and home made gravy
Brussel sprouts - steamed with butter
BBQ'd Ribeye medium rare, must be very well seasoned
French fries with mayo
A bag of lays potato chips
Vodka gimlet to wash it all down

For dessert - one perfect chocolate covered strawberry

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I'd probably waste the last day wondering what I wanted....
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Well, when I was young, and my mom wanted to make something special for me, she cooked two of my favourites: Beef Stroganoff and Scalloped Potatoes.

That would still work, but it would be difficult to choose between that and Kefta Tagine (a Moroccan, lamb-meatball stew) with Couscous and Harissa (a Moroccan hot sauce).
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My mom's pan fried chicken, lumpy mashed potatoes & gravy
Perfectly medium rare ribeye with sauted mushrooms
Grilled asparagus, just picked
My MIL's mostacolli & meatballs
NY style cheesecake
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Yellowfin tuna sashimi
Dragon roll

With a nice cold filtered sake

Strawberry pinenut salad

with prosecco

Porterhouse, medium rare
Baked Sweettater with everything that kills you on it!
Roasted asparagus tips

With Penfolds Grange, 2001 or 2004

Creme Brulee for dessert with a port

then a real nice XO Cognac and a cigar after that!
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Thank you, Laura, I'm still learning by trial and error!


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