Success and Failure
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Sometimes you have a good day in the kitchen, sometimes not. But, sometimes, even though the recipe doesn't turn out as planned, it morphs into something equally as good.

I was making turkey barley soup, but, as I have done in the past, added too much barley. I got sidetracked while bring the stock to a boil, it reduced waaay too much. Now I have a wonderful barley risotto.

I did my mise for the PB&J cookies, and realized I didn't have grape jelly. No problem, I had blueberry jelly, and a mango, passionfriut something or other one as well. Fine for a trial run. Unfortunatley, soemone put my butter back in the fridge, without me noticing. The cookies tasted fabulous, but I found them very dry, and wondered why. I'm not a baker, so it wasn't unusual that they didn't turn out great. Half disintegrated into crumbs, some held their shape. I bagged all the crumbs, and now have a great topping for crepes. All was not lost.

I did buy grape jelly today, and will make another batch this afternoon. I'll also add the butter this time.
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I love a good food love story....
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It's things like that which make recipes our own!!! Love the story, Lorraine!
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Lolly, Lolly, Lolly! I bet you're saying, "Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most!"

I was at Marilee's yesterday morning and had toasted some English style muffins, buttered or pbuttered them and was nibbling away. Marilee came in and took this half-cup jar of homemade Red Currant Jelly from the fridge and wiped some on my muffin. I glared at her for ruining my pbutter and she said, "Just taste it and tell me who it reminds you of." One taste and I remembered this old lady that lived across the street from us about 55 years ago. M said, what was her name? It was Mrs. Knapp. She used to give us some every year.
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Lorraine, a few years ago, we served barley risotto for lunch, maybe Chef was having the same kind of day as you! (I sold out, by the way)

I guess I look at it the same way as you, as long as it can be used for something I haven't failed.


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