Calling all LEMON LOVERS! !
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Here's yet another recipe forgotten about! Made this yesterday and we had it today for dessert! It is better the second day, giving the ingredients a chance to meld, but sitting overnight is not mandatory.

Lemon Curd Fondue

RECIPE TYPE: Appetizers


6 oz. Cream Cheese
6 oz. Whipping Cream (2/3 cup, whipped
3 oz. Lemon Curd (weigh on scale)
1/3 cup Powdered Sugar
Pinch of Salt


1. Blend together all ingredients well. Chill.

2. Skewer fruit (strawberries, peaches, or other) and dip away!

Vive Bene! Spesso L'Amore! Di Risata Molto!

Buon Appetito!

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Oooh! That sounds great! I'll have to make some lemon curd first, though.
If blueberry muffins have blueberries in them, what do vegan muffins have?

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