Beef Sandwich Horsey spread
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Typing this up took longer than I thought I was busy at the Catholic Outreach Soup Kitchen for the Thanksgiving dinner I traditionally put on for the homeless. But I did squeeze it in tonight since I needed it for my roast beef dinner.
And really need it for tomorrows roast beef sammies!

Couple things to keep in mind, this spread is no good to use in an oven. Any spread made with American horseradish will lose its heat above 140 F. You want horseradish heat to cook with, you need Wasabi. That said, you want that real nice open you sinus whack in behind the eyes, just just slightly so it is enjoyable, American Horseradish is your friend!

The mise en place:
1/2 cup olive oil
1 1/3 cup neutral oil (canola or your favorite vegetable oil)
2 egg yolks
1 whole egg
1 tsp salt
2 tsp white pepper
1 Tbsp Montreal Steak seasoning (or your own steak blend)
2 tsp ground mustard
1 ounce mustard seeds
2 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsp ice water

Combine the oil into one container and mix. Combine the eggs into a bowl.

[Image: miseen.jpg]

Place the mustard seed into the mortar

[Image: mortarmustard.jpg]

[Image: grinding.jpg]

Grind until a fine mustard powder is created.

[Image: finsihedmustard.jpg]

Place the mustard back in the glass bowl and add three tablespoons of water. This need to sit for 15 to 20 minutes. What we are making here is Chinese hot mustard. After the time has passed taste it and make sure the reaction has fully developed into a pungent mustard. Hit it with one tablespoon of lemon juice and stir into the mustard to arrest the reaction process. This will hold the mustard for a few days at the heat level achieved.

[Image: watermustrd.jpg]

While the mustard is reacting to create the heat and depth, peel your horseradish root. Slice it across the grain making discs, and toss it into the food processor or a
Chef Chopper to start the sauce development. Mash the button a few times and create the
grated horseradish.

[Image: peeled.jpg]

[Image: gratedhsy.jpg]

Now put the eggs into the Chefs Chopper then the rest of the dry ingredients.

[Image: startofspread.jpg]

Hit the button a few times and take a peek to see that nothing is stuck to the sides. Scrape down if need add in rest of the lemon juice to the Chefs Chopper and replace the lid.

[Image: pullingspread.jpg]

Now we start to add in the oil at a drizzle, if your food processor has one of those drizzle holes you can use it. This is a sauce that can break so don't rush it. Since I had the recipe use on whole egg it is pretty durable against breaking. You want to add in the oil 'til this spread stands up.

[Image: finishingspred.jpg]

Once the spread is standing, taste it, anything out of balance, salt, adjust and pulse a couple times. If not add two to three tablespoons of the mustard you made.

[Image: mustard.jpg]

And pulse it a few times to really mix well. Then taste again. Remember this sauce needs half an hour to blend and come to full nose! But it should look like this at the end.

[Image: finishingspred.jpg]

And since I made roast beef tonight we are having it on the beef tonight. The left over roast will be sliced into my version of the French dip with the addition of this wonderful spread to add some zip to the dip!!!!!

[Image: cookedroast.jpg]

Hope you make it and take a try with some beef. Amazing!
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Thanks, Bob! Have made mustard before but never horsey sauce. Will be giving this a try for next Monday for Sunday's left overs (having prime rib which was supposed to be for T-giving but #2 son brought home a turkey from his work as a holiday "bonus"). Looking forward to making this!
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