Oh stop the barking dog :(
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Our neighbors have left for the long weekend and I guess someone must come by and feed the dog. But lord he starts barking at 4pm and by 6-7pm he's howling and it never stops!! The police won't come and do anything since they have more pressing matters to attend to.

I put a note on the front door hoping someone reads it

I'm about to lose my sanity. I'm tempted to run to the store and buy a large soup bone for him to gnaw on so I can get maybe 2 hours sleep.
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I hear you, Denise. Our neighbours used to do the same thing until all the neighbours complained. We did it very nicely, I thought. "Gee, Ed, was your dog sick all weekend? I could hear him howling all day and he sounded like he was in pain". They got the message. Almost drove us to drink, though!
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Heheh - reminds me of an episode from the George Burns and Gracie Allen radio show that showed Gracie in all her ditzy genius. I don't remember the EXACT dialogue, but it was something like this:


[George] Gracie, I was up all night listening to our neighbour's dog barking.

[Gracie] Why, that's silly, George! You really should get your sleep. Why spend all night listening to that dog, when you could listen to him all day just as easily?"

[George] I, uh, never looked at it quite that way.

[Gracie] And that's another thing? Why should you have to rely upon our neighbour's dog for you to listen to all night? We really should get our own dog. That way, you could listen to him all night, instead."

Etc., etc., etc. Don't remember much more of it than that.
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Our neighbors leave their dog out all day while they're at work and if you so much as open your door he starts barking. Doesn't bark while they're at home.
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NOISE POLLUTION!!!! There is a law here against that---but NEVER enforced!!!
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You should send them a tape recording or video anonymously... perhaps they would get the hint and keep their dog inside until they get home.

The cops around here have nothing to do. They would be in our neighborhood in 2 minutes. They even patrol the area looking for people who have their sprinklers on during the wrong day to ticket them! I called 9-1-1 one time when my son had an allergic reaction to peanuts. This is what came to our home:

  • 1 Ambulance
  • 2 sheriffs cars
  • 1 firetruck
  • 2 cop cars
  • 1 emergency responder

    I think I could sing that to the tune of "12 days of Christmas"
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Oh Dear, this problem must be universal!!! We also have a canine contributor. We only have one big dog now, because we had to put Asia the Egyption Princess down, she had cancer poor baby. Billy, she is buried in the copse by the incoming driveway, and the kids planted lilies all about her. They will spread of course. So sad. Too sad.
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Our dogs have never been barkers. I think the bone is a better idea than anything annonymous, far better to front up with a letter signed by those affected.
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Ug... I feel for you!! We have this problem too. We have the most inconsiderate neighbors in the whole world, and we're hoping someday that we'll see a for-sale sign in their yard!!!

We both work out of the home, and they have a YIPPY dog with a high-pitched bark. Not good for when you're talking to clients, etc. on the phone! Whenever they put it outside it barks- even if they are home. You would think that they could hear it and put it inside. It has caused lots of problems and they won't speak to us. They aren't even considerate enough to answer their door (or their phone) if we need to ask them to put their dog inside. Very strange. Thankfully, we have a strict homeowner's association that gets involved occasionally if it gets too bad. The police will not enter our community for noise complaints.

I have to admit that I've had evil thoughts when I've seen the dog out loose in the neighborhood!!!!

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Well I think someone got my note because last night the dog didn't bark at all. I heard him once in the afternoon and I think it was when the mailman came by.

I just cannot understand why some folks just let their dogs carry on like that. I remember when we moved into this house and our dog was never a barker. But it seems when we left she started up. By day 4 of our new home our new neighbor mentioned it. I was horrified and assured him that it would stop immediately, and it did. We retrained her in her new environment and never had another problem.

We have another guy on the otherside that has 2 very large dogs that bark all the time. I know the police have been out a couple of times for that one and this last week I heard that animal control came and got the dogs. Didn't know they'd do that. But something for me to remember.

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