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I have a great recipe for biscuits that uses sour cream. For my lactose intolerant friends, can yogurt be substituted for the sour cream? If anyone knows, I'd appreciate your letting me knowl
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Well my dear, I wenta searchin' hoping to be able to answer that question but was unable to find one. Hopefully one of the people have some info for you. Have you tried the soy sour cream?
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a couple ways to go here - you can sub straight across the yogurt for the sour cream or, 3/4 cup yogurt plus enuf evaporated milk to make a cup - will give a better mouth feel I think.

Hope you let us know the results.

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Yoghurt is a good sub for sour cream. I have done that in several recipes and the result is pretty close to the sour cream option. Not quite as light but not bad. The taste is a bit different as well but if you like yoghurt that is not a problem!!!
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We sub yogurt for sour cream all the time Lee, we actually have grown to prefer it.
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