Excuses, excuses
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I took my BIL to Sacred Hearts Hospital in Eugene on Wednesday. He has a 94% blockage in the main arterie that goes down the left leg and they were going to put a stent in there. They went into the arteries in both legs so they could look at the blockage from both sides and then decided they couldn't do a stent. So in about 6 weeks they are going to decide what to do about it. The arteries/veins have already began to make their own bypass and he has a good pulse in his left foot. Well, as he was lying in the bed recovering in his cute little hospital gown he looked like he was about to give birth to 5 or 6 babies.

The nurse said he should get rid of that belly because it put extra stress on his circulation when he is sitting driving his truck. He replied that it was all caused by steroids they used to treat his asthma. She wasn't fooled for a minute and said he needed to watch his caloric intake. His comment was that he didn't eat very much. I began laughing and said that 2 sandwiches, 5 slices of cheese, and three small cans of juice for lunch wasn't very much? He said, well I didn't have any breakfast. If I ate as much as that man you'd have to paint a stripe around me to tell if I was walking or rolling.

Most men with a belly you can see it starts sloping out from under their rib cage and hangs over their belt. His is very abrupt, there's nothing (skinny upper body and lower body) and then this huge bump that looks like a large medicine ball. His belly button used to be an innie, but now is an outtie. Looks like where they tied off this huge balloon under his shirt.
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