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Recently my mother in law passed away and as the only person in the family that bakes I received a number of items - and I have no idea what to do with some of them so I am turning to you folks for a little help. The items I don't know how to use are cloths that have been stored in plastic bags. My wife thinks that her mom used these to roll dough out on. Some of these cloths are tubes, we think were used around a rolling pin. It seems that these cloths were not laundered - just used carefully and then put away.

Can someone help me determine what these are and how to use them.

thanks very much,

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I have a Bethany Pastry cloth and board for rolling out pie dough. And I love it. You just shake it out each time and hang it up to dry out. If it gets gummy - you wash in cold water and air dry. They also make rolling pin covers.

See the site:

Rolling pin covers:

Pastry cloth
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I think you're right - pastry cloths and rolling pin "socks". I have them, seldom use them - my mother and grandmother both used them. I used to. Maybe I should start again.
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You've come to the right place for answers Dee. If something isn't known by at least one member, someone will find the answer for you. I am so proud these folks are my friends.

Heck, they even got me to making soufflées [course I can't spell this I'll just take a nap].
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Welcome, Val! My Mother always used the cloth and sock thing. I've never used one. Then again, my pastry comes premade in the shell!!!
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I learn something new everyday here---now to do some research---in my spare time, that is!!!
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