Black and Blue Pie
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Okay---we have the onslaught of fresh blackberries and blueberries here....Peter and I were out shopping yesterday searching a market in the Jewish section of Cape Town for SPLENDA!!!! (Believe it or not---I picked some of this up a few months ago in our local market---it vanished before I could purchase more and it has not been replenished on the shelves!) The only other place it would be was in the hyper-market we visited----YUPPP---we bought the entire amount left on the shelves there (Peter wanted to leave one behind for someone that might come along---NO WAY!!!! said I )

Anyway---where was I----HE said "BLACKBERRIES" !!!! I haven't seen those forever and a day---there MUST be something you can do with those----and of course the blueberries are right beside them---soooooo---I sort of remembered this black and blue pie---I think someone else has done a review on this but could not find the thread .

What a wonderful berry pie----the amounts of sugar and flavorings were spot on---a bit of orange juice and zest added that extra little twist. I did not use the pie dough suggested for the recipe---I used a Dorie Greenspan pie dough recipe that was just the BEST (first time I made that particular recipe as well).

Issue 64 page 49

If you like berries---this is a GREAT recipe!!! Peter had seconds and now I have to put the rest under lock and key otherwise......

One other change I made---instead of the tapioca and cornstarch, I used instant cleargel (Baker's Catalogue)---what an awesome thickening agent that is---
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I'm glad you had good luck with this, Rox, I've always thought this was such a pretty pie (then again, my Christmas tree lights are all blue, too) but never had anyone to make it for. Did you get a picture, by any chance?

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I dearly love the combination of Black- and Blue-berries. made my cobbler for the fishing boat capt.'s dinner. Everyone loved it also.
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I've never cooked with them, but when they are in season in the summer, I buy them and pack them together for our lunches. I'm still buying blackberries here quite cheap. Mixed with with raspberries last week. Love them!
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