Hawaiian Chicken Salad
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Issue64 page 34

I had some leftover cooked chicken so thought I would try this recipe...it was okay.

The flavors sounded interesting and even though they went well together I think a change in the pesto would have made a huge difference---if I went along with the cilantro (instead of Italian parsley??? maybe???). I am not a fan of cilantro sooo the sub usually works---not this time

Peter also noted fresh pineapples yesterday---that's the reason I used this recipe---would work well with the canned too, IMHO.

Interesting change of pace but not sure that I will do again---anyone else made this??
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I haven't, but need to go look at it. I sure wish we were enjoying the summer goodies you are having right now...
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And I sure would enjoy your "winter" goodies!!

But then again, I cook any goodie anytime of the year because there is not much difference with the temp changes--just rainy and windy makes it "winter".
"Never eat more than you can lift" Miss Piggy

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