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Well the place I normally get my tamales from is totally out. The nerve!

So I'm gonna try and make my own Chicken is cooked and the filling will done tomorrow. Then time to roll and steam.
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I have been trying to find someone to cook them with me. I've never made them and dearly love them.
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Well Billy I'll practice tomorrow and then you can get your buns down this way and we'll make a huge batch so you can take some home with you

Jean? you coming?
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Oh, you bet!! Billy, my friend Cathy's family used to get together just before Christmas every year and make huge batches of them...the only tamales I remember really liking. darn, it's Christmas eve, too late to think about that project this year, but let's do it! (and Denise can come up here also!)
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Never had them with chicken, and never made them, anyway.

The tamales they traditionally serve on Christmas Eve, here, have pork, onion, garlic, potatoes, raisins, and olives.
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I made them with a girlfriend one year - while we were making them we were drinking these things called "London Fogs" - ice, gin, and vanilla ice cream in the blender.

The tamales looked like he## (tasted great, though) and there was masa all over the kitchen.

I'd love to make them again - maybe when you come down this next visit Billy??????
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