Stuffing for the Crown Roast of Pork
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Did a crown roast of pork for the Christmas dinner. Thought I would break it up into several stages so the length of the blog did not drive everyone nuts. I like and apple, walnut stuffing for the crown roast.

First I want to introduce you to a neat pan I received for Christmas. Since I have been using Calphalon for so long now, it is my preferred choice for cookware. I have other cookware as well, but only if I could not find the features I wanted in the Calphalon line up. I prefer straight stainless steel and so I introduce you to the 12 inch triply everyday pan by Calphalon

[Image: 12inchcalph.jpg]

It has been a great pan so far. Came with a glass lid and fits into the microwave convection combo oven at the house.

The stuffing recipe lives in my head so I will try and put it out during the blog. I frenched off the rack while fabricating it into a crown roast of pork. That produces enough scraps to get the basic pork stock started.
Roasting down, onions, celery and a little shallot in the oven with the meat, then into the stockpot for seasonings and reduction. I tossed in an older half bottle of Sauvignon Blanc I had sitting on the counter along with a 1/3 bottle of oaked Chardonnay. While I agree that using 100 percent Oaked wines and/or Oaked Chard can cause a bitter taste to dishes, Wine is like any other ingredient, you are building a balance for your dish, used in the proper ratios it adds a nice oak background to the balance for your dish.

[Image: stock.jpg]

With the stock reducing toward the point where it will be strained and then undergo further reduction along with again balancing the seasoning, I can get on with the rest of the stuffing. I mixed up a little fresh pork breakfast
sausage. I make it a little sweeter than my normal breakfast table sausage, as I add in extra honey and maple sugar and just a touch of ground clove. This plays better
off the pork IMO. I brown it first, cool it, then process it to a fine meal consistency.

[Image: sausage.jpg]

While the sausage was browning, I diced up a few Granny Smith apples and start them in the sauté pan. This will be the beginning of the finished stuffing.

[Image: apples.jpg]

Earlier I had slightly toasted some walnuts, whipped them into the other food processor and gave them a couple pulses to chop them. Once chopped they go into the sauté as well.

[Image: walnuts.jpg]

Pork takes to dark fruits real well. So next up it a dozen Californian mission figs and about 8 Californian dates. Also a contribution from the New England states is one cup of nice Ocean Spray cranberries.

[Image: figs.jpg]

Finally while all this is reducing in the saute with a little Sauvignon Blanc, I start to pull it all together with a folding motion in the pan.

[Image: stuffing.jpg]

Allowing the bread cubes to toast a bit then cool before stuffing the top of the crown roast. I fabricated the crown roast earlier. I will post a few pictures on the method. Last I wanted a glaze to baste with and serve tableside with the pork. Since I had a nice assortment of figs I decided on a Fig Port reduction glaze.

[Image: figglaze.jpg]

Once I am done basting with it, the rest can go to the table for the feast!

'Til we talk again, skip the tater and do a stuffing for the starch! It wows them all and is very easy to make.

Chef Bob Ballantyne
The Cowboy and The Rose Catering
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
Chef de Cuisine
The Cowboy and The Rose Catering

USMC Sgt 1979-1985

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