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My name is Madeline and just found this web site/forum yesterday. I just happened to pick up a copy of Cuisine's Holiday Menus book at the grocery store the other day and was impressed with it so decided to subscribe to magazine. I live in Tampa, Fl and hubby and I are early retirees. I'm not the oldest baby boomer but will turn 62 in September 2008 (this year!). Anyway, when we moved here four years ago, we knew no one. We moved from Seattle, WA and downsized somewhat. I really kinda thought my major entertaining days were over--was I wrong. We have met many wonderful people here in the Tampa area and many of them like to entertain at home with dinner parties and several of us do big parties once a year.

I have been looking for some fresh ideas for meal planning and recipes. I think I have found it! what with the publication and now finding you all on this forum. Looks like a great place to be. I'm looking forward to the dinner party coming up Jan 7th. I also just ordered the MasterCook and see some of you all are already familiar with it so hope I can call upon you all for help when I get my cd.

Enough for now--have a happy new year's day. One of my other "hobbies" is playing bridge. We are having friends over later today to play a few hands and enjoy some "lucky" food later this evening.

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Welcome Madeline. We're glad you found us too. This is a great group of folks.
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Madeline, how nice to meet you!! You have indeed found a second home here - we have a great time talking about and cooking all kinds of foods!!

You left Seattle and we retired up here - not Seattle, but Port Angeles, not too far. We love our new neighbors and friends as much as you are finding in your new area.

The others will be along soon to add their welcomes...

ooops, Sharon and I were welcoming you at the same time!!
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Hello, and welcome. Have fun here - we surely do!
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Welcome to the forum!
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This site is so refreshing--use as much or as little as you like. The natives here always welcome you and no one is afraid to share. That's the good in the "good life". Welcome!
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Welcome, Madelyn!

Sounds like you're really enjoying living in Tampa. As our 7th, 8th or 9th snowstorm in a few weeks is bearing down on us once again, I'm wishing I lived in your neck of the woods!

Enjoy it here, it's fun to share. Hope you can join our next online dinner party!!

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Welcome Madeline! I'm fairly new here, too, but I just jumped in running! I hope you'll do the same. These people are the nicest, most helpful bunch I know!
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Welcome Madeline!

I am a Seattle/surrounding areas native. Lived in Texas for 3 years and Arizona off and on, but always come back home.

This is a fantastic place to find friends and tips. And a great magazine. I have truly learned to cook through C@H. These days it is my creative outlet! And hubby and kids sure enjoy it.
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Welcome Madeline! I'm fairly new myself and am very glad I stumbled upon this site. Many, many nice people.

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