My Jamacian Menu......I hope
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A good friend of mine and her Jamacian fiance are coming to dinner tomorrow. So I thought we'd have a menu with a bit of tropical flair. Here's what I have planned and I'd love to hear any and all your suggestions:
James is making tropical rum drinks (I dunno what's in them but they're good hic)
Mushroom Croustades with spinach and a pinch of cayenne
Tropical Salad: Romaine leaves, crisp bacon bits, chilled diced canned tropical fruit mix and a dressing of white wine vinegear and a bit of the fruit syrup. May dot this with gorganzola crumbs (too much y'think?)
Caribbean Glazed Ham, Mango chutney, Jamacian Cole Slaw and sweet potatoes and peas in rice.
Peach pie for dessert.
What'd you guys think, sound balanced? Should I change anything?
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Sounds good to me! If I can get any other type recipe from the Jerk cookbook let me know.
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There are many here better than me to comment. One thing I can offer that I have learned is to keep the theme going throughout the dinner. I love your croustades idea, but not sure of the theme. On the other hand, I have no better suggestions right now...sorry. I'm racking my brain. Oh, I just remembered a Five Pepper Jelly and Orange Glazed Sea Scallops with a Citrus Buerre Blanc recipe I saw on another site. Hmmm? That would be in keeping with your fruit/Carribean theme. Let me know. It didn't seem that hard, but have not made it...came from a reliable source though.

I'm no expert on Jamacian, but the cheese on the salad is a go for me. Regarding your side, I'm not sure I understand the sweet potatoes and peas in rice. Care to elaborate? I think sweet potatoes in any form would be good here...just not sure what you mean by peas in rice.

I love peach pie! With ice cream maybe? I would hate to suggest a dessert alternative more Carribean...too late in the game. Anyway, the peaches will go with your fruit themed dinner.

I hope this helps...
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Here's the recipe I use for jerk.

Another sure winner, but maybe a little difficult to find the proper meat (depending upon your location), would be curried goat. SCRUMPTIOUS!
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sounds wonderful, cis!! and I love cheese with the fruit!
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Thanks everyone.
labs, since we quit "farmin" there's no goat available here, but I agree, scrumptious!
Daphne, I see on a Caribbean site it said to serve meats with candied sweet potatoes, peas and rice. It didn't seem like they meant to serve them all separately so I'm going to toss them together pilaf type. I'm using white and wild rice, steamed in chicken broth with peas. I'll candy the sweets separately and thought I'd add them before serving.
As for the croustades I thought of them as very neutral and the addition of spinach and cayenne will go with the spicy Island type flavors in the ham glaze. At least it seems so to me.
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