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For any of you expert folks out there on MasterCook 9, I have two questions - first, are there other sites where you can directly download recipes already preformatted for this software? Second, the Web import button - any ideas on how to install this in a browser when I'm using a copy of this software on another PC? (I'm not pirating - I use the cookbook in my kitchen (laptop with original software was installed), but update it on my desktop downstairs (where the copy resides) and then just carry the updated cookbook upstairs to the kitchen PC on a jump drive.) Also, I don't have the CD, but purchased it online. Thx!
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I don't have MC 9 , I think I have v8. But here is a site that has many MC fomatted recipes. Many from the food network. They ask for a nominal donation to keep the site going.
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I just received my MC and still learning how to use it. I did run across two sites on Yahoo--one is focused on info for using MC and the other lists recipes in MC format--just do a search--something like "Mastercookdiscussions". I haven't signed up for recipe site--don't know if I will. I did get the CD but the help menu seems to be good--so far.
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I bought Mastercook 5 years ago. My computer crashed, I got a new one, I never reinstalled the program on my new computer. There were some things I liked about the program and some things I didn't.

How are you liking MasterCook 9? Is it easy to enter recipes?
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I've only had MC9 for about two weeks and still on the fence. I don't need their 8,000 recipes but wanted to have an import feature for web recipes--which I haven't had time to fully learn yet. I did do research on the Internet before I purchashed and MC is #2 on everyone's list. For ~$18 at figured it was worth a try to organize some of my favorites and "to trys". There is a warning on Yahoo website that MC download directly off their web site is bad so that's why I ordered CD. I have entered a few all-time favorites and not that time-consuming--and once I get used to it will be quicker. For the money I think I will enjoy it. Maybe some of our forum members with MC have a better input for you.
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1.) I have never looked for preformatted recipes. There are sooo many recipes out there that I can copy and save easily from forum friends and their recommended websites, I can't see looking for preformatted stuff.

2.) I've loaded mine at school and home. I don't see this as pirating either, since I'm only using it on one computer at a time. It just allows me to meal plan from school if I don't get a chance at home. I have also made them a couple of sales by showing it off to coworkers, so I see it as their advantage.
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I never noticed the MC Web Import Bar until you mentioned it. Been working with MC for about 9 months. It's easy enough to use.

I just tried to work with the import bar. It's a little clunky, but worked. You have to copy each component of a recipe into the various cells - title, ingredients, directions, etc. The software saves the web address of the recipe, so that's kind of nice and puts them in the list. Then when you go to the list and click on 'import to MC' it launches MC and asks you which book you want to put the recipes in. Voila! You're done.

Don't feel guilty about installing it on your own computers so long as you use one at a time. It's not like MS Office where it can only be registered on one computer.
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I installed MC9 on all three of my computers. I don't know how long I've had MC9, but several years and I love it. In the "Bill's" cookbook I presently have 2134 recipes, some I've made, some I want to make should I live that long. I have other cookbooks too, like Jean's, Maryann's Mama's, SugarBrown's Mama's Mama's, and a few others.
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That website for Mads Recipes has a lot of really good collections. I've pulled down some of them and stored them in separate cookbooks, entered a lot of my own info, cut and paste with the Import Wizard a good bit, etc. It's been fun and I really like having it all on media and in one location. It's really nice to be able to create categories and then search on them - for ex, I have a cat called To Try, and when I find a recipe I want to try someday, in one of the dloaded books, I mark it as such - that way, when I feel adventurous, I just run a search on 'To Try' and say 'shrimp' and should come up with a set of options that I've previewed before as good to try. That eliminates all of the stuff that either I don't like or we can't eat (son is allergic to legumes and nuts, so that eliminates a ton of recipes). I will eventually want to import photos, but that's more time-consuming than I have time for now. I rely a lot on photos in a cookbook though to pick out what I want to make. But regardless, I am enjoying it - it is a really good product from what I've seen so far. I would like to be able to organize it a bit differently, I guess, and have a bit more updated UI, but hey, functionality is my #1 thing and it has a great deal of that.
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Carole - just wanted to give a big 'THANK YOU' for you idea of adding 'to try' to the title of recipes in M.C. I so often run across something that looks really good while searching for something completely different. Up until now I've been printing them out and adding to a huge box!! (where they will just get lost as fast as leaving alone in M.C. ) I've gone thru the stack, added 'to try' to every title of them and thrown away all these darn unnecessary paper copies!!!

Thank you so much!!
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