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Has anyone tried the Italian Chili recipe in this months issue? I'm thinking about making it for dinner tonight and wondered what you think of it.
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Shirley, I saw your subsequent post in the other thread regarding this recipe.

We made it on Sunday for Monday's dinner. It came together really easily and was very good. The instructions don't have you drain the grease from the sausage. Actually, we didn't have much, but after refrigerating it overnight it was easy to remove what there was. Also, I use the Italian seasoning mix from a previous C@H. I think it was from the lasagne recipes a few years back. Depending on your portions, it easily serves 6. We're looking forward to having it for leftovers later in the week.
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Thanks for the feedback! It sounds great. I had all intentions for having it tonight but I found that I didn't have the major ingredients. I'm a good substituter but I didn't even have a good substitute. I'll get the ingredients and probably try it on Thursday.

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