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I FINALLY received "The Tenth Muse" today----it was hung up in the postal system for about 10 weeks but all's well that ends well....

NOW----I will begin our on-line "bookclub" with this suggestion (Jean's, btw). Review date is February 28--just a random choice by moi!!! That, I hope, will give anyone that is interested in participating enough time to get to the bookstore or library in order that we may some "intelligent" ( ) discussion.

There was some interest a while back---now that I have my edition in my hands---would love to follow through with this idea----any thoughts????

I have to finish my present Alan Greenspan though---I will read ONLY one book at a time----I'm not a multi-book at a time reader---Peter has FIVE going at one time----confusing to me, the simple minded!!!
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What a cool idea! Now I'll have to see about getting the book. I think I'll see if one of the kids can get it from the college library. (Might as well get SOMETHING for me outta all that money flooding into their education and urban living! )
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Apparently, it isn't available as an ebook.
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Peh!....And I was just about to look for it as an ebook
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Is this by Judith Jones?
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Is this by Judith Jones?

I checked it out...YEP!
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So I take it this isn't a cookbook? Just soon as I am done with the Ann Rice I am reading now I will get it...was going to reread a Nora Roberts series again but I'm game for this one too...
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I am a horror when it comes to books, all books, fiction, non fiction, cooking, gardening, anything, everything. We may be moving soon, I think we will get the movers to pack. ;Þ
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Oh, Roxanne, I'm so glad you followed thru with this! Where the heck did the time go from when we all first discussed this to today???? Will get going on this a.s.a.p.
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I will check with the library this weekend. Having read the reviews, this should be a fine read.

When I was looking for the book, initially I thought this was it:

I may read this also since it sounds very interesting.

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