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Anyone able to afford places like Williams Sonoma? So many people are so negative about the place and I actually enjoy walking in the "local" one down in Des Moines and day dreaming about all the stuff. I tend to do the same thing in places like Bed, Bath and Beyond. A real treat and tease is a visit to the "Outlet Malls" we have scattered about the mid-west. I have been to one in Southern Illinois and the one in nearby Story City...and they always tend to have a discount kitchen supply store...ah to win the Power Ball and go on a shopping spree!

Well, anyway, I was just wondering if I should seek mental help or are there others out there that like wondering these stores as much as I do???
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Same thing here. Have to look at all the gadgets on the "wall of gadgets"

It is mental, but don't bother seeking help, there is no cure!
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I hate shopping. I love kitchen stores, wine shops and BIG grocery stores like Central Market. I can spend hours in them.
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I hate shopping too, but I love browsing in kitchen stores. When I'm deciding whether or not to buy something, I not only have to consider "can I afford it?" but also "where will I put it?". (Too small of a kitchen!!!) We have a Williams Sonoma at the mall but the one I go to mostly is a local one called Cook's Wares. They know me by first name there.
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"So many people are so negative about the place" - well, that just sounds un-American to me...
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I really enjoy all Kitchen Stores - and William Somona is a real treat.
So many items - Have found some really intersting items last thing was a
Pumpkin preserve to add to a punpkin bread - was really good.

Since I work at the Market - all Markets are interesting to me. Can't pass
one up ! - All across American - when traveling with the Navy - my husband
has been so patient!!!!!!!!
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Like all of you, I love to go through kitchen stores and always end up buying something I couldn't possibly live without. But my downfall is a restaurant supply store 20 minutes away. I have to stay away from that place, I usually end up spending, well, way too much anytime I walk through the door. Not only do they have new stuff, they sell second hand stuff as well, it's just so much fun to pick through it all and find some treasure.

I've never been in a WS. I love to read their catalogs, though, and Picky got my mandolin through them 12 yrs ago. At the time, it was the only place to find one, and yes, it was quite expensive.

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"restaurant supply store" - me too, PJ! Roy has a mantra he repeats up and down the aisles - "You're not catering anymore, you're not catering anymore, you're....." (doesn't do any good tho.)
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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I always enjoy browsing kitchen stores (book stores are another weakness). Even if I don't buy anything, it's fun to look and dream. My gadget drawers are stuffed and a source of complaint for everyone but me. Apparently I am the only person that can actually find the desired gadget out of it. My chef son who lives in Chicago has started giving me unusual spices and ingredients from the Spice House store Most recenlty he brought pomegranate molasses. Haven't shopped there in person, yet!

For those of us who enjoy cooking - a good kitchen store is like being a kid in a candy store. I love to see the cool serving platters and dishes, beautiful table settings, cookware, knives, gadget wall ... oh, what fun.
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I hate shopping, too! But get me anywhere near BB&B or ANY kitchen store and I'll spend hours wandering around grinning. I tend to loose track of time in these places. I'm so glad there is not a WS around, the one's we have are temptation enough. Another place I can loose myself is a good grocery store. AHHHH! My mother swears I'm going to bankrupt us with just my grocery bill.
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