"First you make a roux" for Fat Tuesday
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Paul Prudhomme would disagree to some extent with this, but would forgive me because I'm only a Texan. (He would still eat it)
Oil to flour --50/50 --ie 1/4 C to 1/4 C
Start with all the oil--add the flour gradually, stirring constantly until each addition is blended-don't worry about lumps, use a wooden spoon-NOT A WHISK--this is kitchen napalm-don't splash it on you--you will stir so long any lumps will go away--You would start at med high and adjust the temp to avoid burning--a roux neglected is a roux burned and ruined-just start over if you do.
After all the flour is added,and you have a caramel color, add your chopped onion (to your recipe) and stir ,this will eventually bring the color to chocolate brown because of the water in the onion, but keep it from burning (Vegis always stop the roux from burning)--then add your chopped bell pepper and celery, and the everthing else your recipe calls for. The roux is the key to a gumbo, et toufe', or most things cajun, you can really cook anything cajun from the caramel roux and move forward acording to the recipe. If you go past caramel do so at your own risk--I've done it but ruined as many as were good. Black is a crap shoot. I like to thicken with okra, sliced. "I don care wha you pu in thar, it gon be goood stuff!!"
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Very good advice. You sound like a seasoned professional. We don't do much Cajun here. We love it though. Thanks!
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YUM! We love gumbos here! I make a nice tomato okra gumbo that I serve as a side over rice with pork chops or chicken a lot in the winter. Then sometimes I add shrimp and serve with rice.
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"I don care wha you pu in thar, it gon be goood stuff!!" - got that right, Bill!
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Man I love this time of year...my lifelong dream was to have a creole BBQ place. I was always picturing a place with "traditional" BBQ with creole style seasonings...creole touches to the sides and such. Man what a common sense idea as far as the "trendy fusion foods" go! You'd think it would be a big thing in the south??? Of course I have always loved New Orleans ever since a trip there in 1986 and again in 2002. Ah what I wouldn't give to have a place like that...anyone got a few million laying around for the start up??? ROTFLMAO!!!
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