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How come when we do a search we can only do one search like every 10 minutes? Very frusttrating. I do a search and if I don't get any results I modify the parameters and it tells me "You cannot do another search at this time. Try again later".

Also a side note, seems you will always get No Matches whenever you do a search that Older Than. For example I did a search for all posts by me older than 1 month. No Matches.

I made sure to remove the default "Newer than 1 week" option too.

Something is amiss with the search feature.
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I have had a great deal of trouble with that feature as well, Denise---I gave up though!
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Try using Google's "search this site" feature.
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I tried the google search and it too only shows about 3 weeks worth of posts. I'm looking for a post from about 2 months ago.
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I agree that the forced delay inbetween requesting search results is too long. I end up using a very non-specific keyword and searching for 2 years. Then hoping I don't navigate incorrectly and accidently leave the search results. I have found what I want from google, too. Didn't notice tho that the results were limited by time.
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To top it all off, If you go into one of the posts on the first page of your search, and that is not the one, when you go back it won't find your search and if you hit refresh then it says you can not do another search at this time.

Denise, did you send this question directly to them? I don't think they check this site very often.
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Erin, as far as your problem goes, I beat the system by hitting the shift key and I click on the post I want to try, then a new whatever it's called (screen?) comes up and it it's not the one I want, I can just delete it. Geez, I hope that makes sense!
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Thanks, I 'll have to try that - if I remember the next time I try to do a search!
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Okay. Here it is, again:

That is standard with almost ALL forum websites. If that delay were not implemented, then it would be possible for hackers to cause the entire site to come to a standstill by running a program that would automatically run multiple searches in rapid succession. The fact that this type of thing has happened to other forum sites in the past is the reason that forum sites now require a delay before you perform another search.

One recent development that has helped some sites to do away with the delay is to require that EACH search be confirmed with a code of random digits - the type you have probably seen in the registration pages of most forum software. That is an optional feature in some forum software (e.g. PHPbb), but is not available in ALL forum software, yet.

Thus, if you just wait 30-60 seconds before starting another search, you should be fine.

As far as other search problems go, one thing to remember is that this forum software has a default "date range" that says to show search results only for messages newer than one week. Unless you change those values (perhaps erasing the "1" and changing the drop-down box from "Week(s)" to blank), you will NOT find the older message threads you are trying to find.

Finally, if you still have trouble with the site's own search, and happen to be more comfortable using Google, you can try using whatever search terms you like on Google, then add "" to the Google search.
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