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Ok, I think I am finally calming down. While I was giving the kids showers Rica, our dog, was really wound up and I couldn't figure it out, thought maybe something was in the house that shouldn't be, but Peter the fat cat was asleep in his chair, so I thought Rica was just wound up because we were gone all day and she had been outside. Got the kids showered, teeth brushed, and Stephs hair dried and off to do our night time routine upstairs. I come downstairs and am picking up the clothes and towels from the showering and there is a little black lump in the shower room - go to look at it closer and it is a little mouse. Ugh - here we go again. Peter the FAT cat is always brining in critters - shrews, mice, birds, humming birds, baby rabbits, a flying squirrel, a baby flying squirrel, even an owl once (dont' ask me how that one happened). So here I am chasing this mouse around the laundry room/shower room and Rica gets herself off the bed and comes to participate, we both are chasing and being chased by this nervy little mouse, Rica gets bit on the nose, yelps and starts bleeding, I finally catch the stupid little thing and out the door it goes. As much as I hate them, I don't think I could kill them. I really have become quite good at the catch and release program of critters...But OH I don't like it. Why does Peter only do this when my husband is out of town???
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Peter is a cat, cats cannot be trusted, that's why I'm a dog person. You can trust a dog--get rid of the cat--have no remorse. Your problems will go away. Trust me.
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Oh I can so relate!!! We had little furry critters when we were on the Island. I didn't mind them so much, always said if they'd just eat what I put out for them and poop where I wanted them to poop I'd be happy. Much rather have them than ants!!!

I'll have to find the pix of the cat napping next to the mouse in our old kitchen. HeeeHeee!!!
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OMG, I live in an old house that has been renovated recently, but not tight enough, evidently. We have found 2 recently! One little joker thought he was going to dive into the trash compactor...LOL...it was empty and he couldn't get out. I don't get into the "catch/release" program when it comes to mice! Enough said!

But you know, I can handle those little creatures better than water bugs. I hate those suckers!
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I hate snakes and bugs...mice are okay as long as they are not in my house! Have two dogs and three cats (fourth cat lives on the front step) in the house so I don't have room for a pest problem too...heck the family is big enough with out Stuart Little moving in too!

I would fire the cat...hope the dog doesn't get sick from the bite to the nose...
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And how did you keep the kids out of all this??? What a circus that could have been!!
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How funny! But Erin, do keep an eye on the doggie's nose, mice are full of disease.
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