Does it really happen in 3's?
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This has been the worst 3 days ever. Sunday night my daughter and I get "into it". I'm talking a real humdinger. (1) Today she is to work at one of our local polling places (odd enough this is what started the humdinger, she wanted to 'call in sick' and I wouldn't let her. I said you made a commitment you stick to it, welcome to the real world.)

Well she gets lost, and calls them for directions. She gets back on the road and sees the street they said to turn on. She's in the left lane, merges to the right (too fast) and slows down to make her turn. Well when she merged, she failed to see the car behind her. A big city utility truck. BAM backend of her car is totaled. (2) She's ok thank goodness.

I'm waiting for #3 to drop. Or was the car crash #1 and I still get 2 more...**I wish I could crawl back under the covers and start this week over**
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Oh Denise, what a way to start it out!! Fingers crossed NO MORE BAD HAPPENS!!!
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Now for starters let me tell you how sorry I am to hear of your problems this week...I don't see how things can happen in threes if we are always waiting for the other shoe to drop...don't know about you but I wear two shoes at a time not three therefore that correlation of threes is already out the window. Anytime you have a fight with family it is one likes to fight and especially not with someone they love and care about.

On a similar note to try bringing a smile to your face this week, ever notice how everyone is always throwing in their two cents worth whenever you have a problem (like I did above!) and yet it is only a penny for your thoughts if you ask for an opinion from others??? Where in the world does that second penny go??? I could retire on the accumulated worth of those pennies if I could get to them...

If you are not convinced of the just had your third "episode" as you had to deal with me today...hope your week gets better and all is okay with the car and more importantly with Mom and her baby girl...hard to stay mad when you look at it like that!?!
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Denise, I am so sorry. Part of you must be saying, if I had only let her call in sick - and yet you know that was not the right thing to do. Don't beat yourself up about it. It was the right thing to do.

I think this meets all the criteria and for the next time too! Please pass go and DO collect $200.00! Or as my kids Jr. game has - Please go to lunch (not jail) and collect $2.00 (to pay for it!).
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As I used to tell my friends...Go ahead and beat yourself up! You'll feel much better when you quit! That's kind of like how it hurts when you stub your toe, quickly smack your thumb with a hammer and you'll forget your toe hurts.
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Aww Denise, sorry it was such a lousy start, but it's got to get better. Most important thing is daughter is ok and you are there to comfort her
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Lol you guys are so great There are you happy now?!?!? You done put a smile on my face.

Thanks guys!
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Well, I hope the rest of your day turned out better! Glad noone was hurt this morning. You were right, sticking to a committment is very important.

Love the shoe and the penny analogy, LJ Why hasn't anyone thought of this before??

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Denise, I'm glad baby girl is ok. You were right to insist she live up to her commitment. The wreck was a fluke. If you really want to look at threes, the 1) was the fight, 2) was her getting lost, and 3) was the wreck. There you go!

Way to go LJ, you put that one in perspective...LOL! I've never thought about it that way either.
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Denise - the most important point in your story is that your daughter wasn't hurt. I have 2 headstrong daughters (not sure where that came from ) and 2 mischievous boys. I feel your pain!

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