Valentines Day :)
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I am SOoooo excited!! Hubby just told me he made reservations at a very nice Italian restaurant we've been to before. But on this special night they will serve an authentic 4 course meal. I cannot wait!!! I have talked to others who have done this in years past at this establishment and loved it.

Now to figure out how to sneak in my camera
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What fun! I wish I had that kind of establishment here! I guess I'm the chef that night, usual. I can't wait to see your pics!
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Good for you! My hubby suggested a Valentine dinner out and then seemed like I was to take it from there. I told him that would be really wonderful while also subtly letting him know that he needs to tend to the details of reservations and such. We'll see!
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Denise, there is no restaurant I haven't taken a camera too - no one has ever minded. Anxious to see (and hear about) the dinner!

Our old friend, Don from Portland, is coming up for a cooking/eating/shopping 'fix' and is arriving late Thusday night, so whatever I do for dinner will have to be something that can be held over for him. (And, I'm going to try and be a little healthy about it... )
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I don't know what we'll do either. I guess I should put some thought in it and make reservations. Lol, that doesn't sound very romantic. Maybe I will make dinner at home and buy him some funny boxers - ooh la la!

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Me and my big mouth! I told Bob that the "Soul of a New Cuisine" would be my Valentines present. A lovely dinner that we cook together, a bottle of champagne, and a lovely dinner from the cookbook will more than likely be the evening.
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Oh Jean that sounds like a lot of fun!

Corrine, pictures..we want pictures of him modeling them

Harbor, I even told Derek the same thing I wanted to cook a really romantic dinner for the two of us. He felt bad because he couldn't participate. He so hates to cook I cook he cleans...which I love.

So what's your menu?
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Ok we are back from dinner and unfortunately there was no way to take pictures. But allow me to describe our dinner. We had a choice from 4 different menus. I won't bore you with all the choices, lol, just with what we had. We had the 4 course dinner.

The first thing the bring out is a variety of breads with the oil and balsamic vinegar.

Next the waitress brought over a small plate with 2 red, heart shaped, lobster ravioli's with a light shrimp cream sauce. Very tasty!

Derek's Appetizer - Lobster Cannolli. This was a cold appetizer. Done in a crispy cannolli shell with diced lobster in a fennel cream sauce.

Mine - Truffle infused scallops. 2 pan seared scallops with a beautiful brown truffle sauce. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Derek Starter - Caesar Salad with fresh dressing, big shavings of Parmesean.

My starter - Spinach salad that was topped with slice pears, candied nuts and gorgonzola cheese.

Derek's Entree - Herb crusted Chilean sea bass, with duchess potatoes and butter sauted baby carrots. It was served with a puree made from the carrot tops. It was just beautiful to look at.

My entree - Filet mignon topped with crab and lobster sauce, with garlic/parmesean risotto and (not sure what it's called) but they took a 2" round mold and layered wilted spinach, sauteed mushrooms and roasted diced tomatoes with basil. So it was the perfect shape.

Dessert - We split the white chocolate shell that was filled with a custard and fresh berries, with a merlot chocolate drizzle.

Needless to say I am very full, and very happy

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Sounds like a great evening of great food and great company...

Very happy for you and yours...we had "take and bake" pizzas. Holly did the cooking...I lived to tell abo
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Denise, sounds like you had a wonderful, romantic evening out. And well deserved, I would say. Great description of your meals. Now I'm hungry!


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