Grand Junction Wedding Show 2008, Small Plates
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We get to do a lot of "lady" get gatherings during the summer months. Full on Low Teas, a High Tea or two, and many light lunches. With little plates being the rage lately I needed a small plate display for the 2008 Grand
Junction Wedding Show. I thought you might like to come along for the mini plate display. These plates I created for the show just to offer the mothers something to sit and talk about. However, it combined with our marketing program whereby we deliver a nice smoked salmon and crackers with
cheese for the dress fitting day to the bridal shop. Many brides took an interest in paying extra for some of these little devils!

[Image: choclatetret.jpg]

My burnt Orange flour less chocolate tort. Featuring a burnt orange chocolate ganache I started making about 7 years ago.

[Image: pinnchoctrt.jpg]

Fresh pineapple in a tart shell, featuring a walnut sucrée covered with a double fudge topped with a fresh pineapple and a twist of orange.

[Image: poundcke.jpg]

My grandmother's Welsh hot milk pound cake, with a simple twist of orange zest and a fresh blueberry.

[Image: rumcrumb.jpg]

My straight rum cake with a cranberry, date crumb glaze topping.

[Image: strbrytrt.jpg]

This is my Double Fudge chocolate tart featuring a fresh strawberry and a white chocolate drizzle infused with Coconut rum.

[Image: suziemat.jpg]

This is how they were presented on the picnic table area of the booth. Mary Lou found these really cool lazy Susan things we used as place mats.

[Image: orangstraw.jpg]

Of all of them I made that day..... this was my favorite presentation plate. Just something about the simplicity of the plate. A honey sauce on the bottom, followed by a fresh orange slice, topped with a splayed strawberry. Fruit fresh and refreshing.

A combo of fruit terrines on a plate.

[Image: fruittrn.jpg]

[Image: coldsps.jpg]

I also did a presentation of miniature cold soups. Which all combined to come together on the picnic table for a pretty nice display.

[Image: pictble.jpg]

Bright, fun, and it made them stop and look so we could talk with them.

'til we talk again, put together some of these great summer citrus coming in to stores now. People forget how good they really are for a weekend lunch.

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You might even supply a glass of champagne and strawberries. Not enough to impair driving but 2-3 oz. of bubbly should be OK. Heck - hire a limo as well, whisk them to and from the fitting in style, while providing elegant little appys.
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Looks pretty good Bob. Do you think Grandmother would have ever considered allowing her little boy Bob to share that Welsh Hot Milk Pound Cake recipe with the rest of us? If not I understand...but if so please share. Either the angle of the photo is deceptive or that is one huge blueberry?
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Yes firechef, the Welsh Milk cake and how about that double fudge ol' mate.

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