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I was on another forum trying to find out a substitute for Fontina cheese. This was one of the answers that was given:


There is no substitute for fontina cheese. It melts into a cream, is fairly acid, and imparts a delicate flavour to what you are cooking. If I had to substitute fontina, I wouldn't do it with just another cheese - and parmesan is far too dry - I would mix some gruyere (grated) with some parmesan, some milk and a drop of vinegar, all to a thick paste, and then use it as if it were fontina

Our store does not carry fontina and I don't want to make the drive to get it if I don't have to. Is this stuff expensive??
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This is what Cook's Thesaurus had to say....


fontina Pronunciation: fon-TEE-nuh Notes: This well-regarded cheese is mild but interesting, and it's a good melter. Substitutes: Gruyère OR Emmental OR Beaufort OR Edam OR Gouda OR Bel Paese OR Appenzell OR provolone OR rablochon

I used provolone when I made Sharon's pasta recipe that I made as a side for the Pork Marsala. It melted just fine. I guess you could use the advice you posted, but I don't know that I'd go to all the trouble myself. Let us know.
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That answer you got from elsewhere is BS...Gruyere or Gouda or a smooth fresh provolone would be fine in a melted application.

For slices...any of the above.
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I agree - provolone or muenster I'd go for.
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