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A short update - day 3 in Ohio.

We cooked our tails off yesterday. The food went over well, with the torta being the hit of the night. How can you go wrong with a pound each of butter and cream cheese mixed up and layered with pesto???

It was a wild day. 2 cookies sheets, no food processor, one oven and a complete and utter lack of pots, pans, and equipment (other than what I brought). We were juggling fococcia, mac & cheese, mini meatloaves, empanaditas, and all the rest by the trayloads in the oven. Luckily we had 20 degree (F) weather and lots of "extra" refer space.

It got a little insane - and we were pooped by the end. We got lots of compliments on the food and the bride and groom were very happy. We put on our chef's coats for service over our go to the wedding clothes. I think we've got pictures - to post when we get home.

The wedding was beautiful, and it was a lot of fun to meet so many members of Bob's family. What great people. Bob's niece, Bertie, and her husband Ryon had a ball helping with the cooking. They love to cook and eat wonderful food. I told Ryon I'd hook him up here - he'll have a ball and be a great contributor. He knows a lot about wine, had to take a course for a job he had in Japan. He and Bertie have done a lot of traveling and are quite the foodies.

Today we slept until noon!!! Talk about exhausted. I think there may be a picture of me copying Jean's old avatar. After we got up we went over to Bob's sister (Kathy & her husband, Bob (too)). They had the mess all cleaned up - talk about some guilt.

Well gang - Bob has a really bad cold and I'm starting to get it so I'm going to say Nite Nite and go to bed!
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Sounds like all in all it was a success and a great experience. I am glad the bride and groom were happy, that's what really counts. Nice you had a couple of foodie folk to help out.

Sleep well.
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Janes son asked us to do his reception for their Catholic marriage (they were already married)--he was in the navy. We drove to Va Beach and in a 5th story condo with one oven and a 3 burner stove fed 50 people 12 different dishes in 3 days of prep. Fun ain't it? We enjoyed it but we're too old for anything like that now. --So glad you are having so much fun--God bless!
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Sounds like a job well done Sharon. Get well and hurry home.
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Sharon - sounds like the reception was a great success! But we need to know how the pigs in a blanket went over with the guests!?!

You'll have many happy memories from the weekend. Rest up and relax. You deserve it.
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Sharon! You wow'ed them! How could they not loved all the food you cooked, it just sounds wonderful!

Gosh I know how beat you must be, but what an accomplishment, and the memories you have...wow!! I cannot wait to see the pictures. I'll give you a few days to catch your breath but then you better post em hehehe
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You mean this one?? How fun - we can be bookends!

[Image: CHAMPAGNE.jpg]

Congratulations on a job well done!! Now you have the large, high pressure one under your belt and it's onward and upwards!!

geez, that's a big pix - it's supposed to be 2X2 - oh well, warts and all...
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Didn't happen - weren't missed. If you can't dazzle them with pigs in a blanket baffle them with gourmet goodies!!!
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!
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My goodness! Looks like Jean is hitting the bottle at 7:45 am! Perhaps she is still partying from the night before??

Or maybe we are all driving her to drink?
"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
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Ohio update #3

Once we rolled out of the sack, at noon ( ) we realized that other than a few nibbles here and there and the cookies, crackers, fruit, and cheese in the motel room, and a breakfast sandwich from Burger King we hadn't eaten since we got here.

We established our priority early! FOOD. Not too picky about what - just so we could sit and have someone hand it to us on a plate. By 3 we were on the scenic tour to a winery/restaurant. I had a moment of panic when I thought it was just a winery!

The food was very very good. Bertie had a pizza that looked wonderful, Ryon had pasta in a red sauce with mussles and other seafood, Dawn went for chicken in a portabello sauce. Bob and Kathy had beautiful salads with fillet mignon and gorgonzola, they looked like mostly steak and very little salad. Bob went for the traditional - spaghetti and meatballs - two huge meatballs. I had penne with capicola ham, tons of basil leaves, in a creamy alfredo sauce. The dinners came with nice little salads with a great house vinaigrette, and fresh bread. Bob, Kathy, and I shared a wonderful bottle of 2006 Ferrante Pinot Grigio. Dawn, Ryon, and Bob had a bottle of Vino Dell Casa Red - the house red. It was all fantastic - but Bob and I couldn't finish ours; they are in the fridge here in the motel room.

After lunch we did some wine tasting. Must say they have a very different take on wine & wine tasting. We got 2 trays, each with 10 tiny little cups of wine - we got 2 trays each of dry and sweet wines. There were some interesting wines - more on them later.

Today we're off to do some sight seeing - after we find something to EAT. Tonight we're cooking dinner at Bob and Kathy's. I have a bottle of Ferrante Celebration Spice "a unique blend of red wine spiced with real cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove" that I am going to reduce to use on something. I'm thinking pork, and for some reason I wanted to eat sweet potatoes with this wine.

This wine shocked us all - we were thinking UGH Surprisingly it was one of the best wines we tasted - too bad Ohio can't ***** out of state.

Well time to hit the showers - more later.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!

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